Frights on Halloween Night

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Age Play

Louis-17, headspace Of 6
Niall- 17, headspace Of 4

It was Halloween, and to say that Louis and Niall were excited would be an understatement. This was their first Halloween with their new daddies. They were adopted last year around Christmas, and they were so excited to be able to spend holidays with their fathers. Even though they were littles, they were adopted from an orphanage.

Currently, it was only about noon. Harry and Zayn had went out to buy candy for any tricker-treaters that would visit. So, Liam was at home with the boys, who were constantly asking when they could put on their Halloween costumes and go trick-or-treating.

"Baba?" Niall called, walking towards Liam outside where he was setting up some decorations.

"Yes, Ni?" Liam asked, eyeing Louis who jumping around in different coloured leaves.

"Can I help?" Niall looked up innocently at Liam. He was getting tired of jumping in the leaves with Louis. Besides, Louis ran faster than him, meaning that Louis always jumped in the huge pile first, meaning that Niall missed out on the most fun part.

"Sure, bud! Would you like to stick these ghosts on the side of the house?" Liam handed the said items to Niall who happily started plastering them onto the side of the house. Louis, wanting to join in the fun, went over to Niall and attempted to take a paper ghost from Niall, whom he got a scowl from.

"No! It's my job, not your's!" Niall exclaimed, keeping a firm grip on the paper.
"I wanna help though!" Louis angrily said back, attempting once again to take the ghost.

"Niall and Louis, if you can't get along than you can't help at all." Liam said sternly. "Louis, apologize to your brother; we don't grab things. Ask Niall nicely and maybe he'll give some to you. And Niall, don't yell at your brother." Liam directed.

"Ni, may I pleeeassee have some paper ghosts?" Louis asked with a sickly sweet smile. The younger boy looked to Liam for approval, who nodded his head. Hesitantly, the teen handed him three of the six ghosts he had. Out of the two brothers, Niall was better at sharing things with his brother, up to a certain point, of course.

For twenty minutes, the three boys worked on the house, making it look 'spooky'. In previous years; before Zayn, Harry and Liam had their littles, they wouldn't even think of putting up decorations. However, for the sake of the two boys, the lads agreed on buying some Halloween decorations.

As the boys were working, Harry and Zayn pulled into the drive-way. Louis and Niall abandoned their tasks, running over to their daddies as they climbed out of the car.
"Daddy, Papa!" They yelled happily. They figured that maybe it was time for trick-or-treating. The men chuckled.

"Hey you two!" Zayn said excitedly, lifting Niall onto is hip, Harry doing the same with Louis.
"Papa, trick-or-t-treeting?" Niall asked, trying really hard to pronounce the words correctly. From time to time, the little had trouble pronouncing letters like 'R' in his headspace, but he was getting better.

"No, sweetie, you're going to have a nice lunch, then a nap. This evening you can trick-or-treating." Harry explained, fearing the boys' reaction when they heard the word 'nap'. Louis' face quickly turned angry. He squirmed to be let down from Harry's arms. When he was, he ran to Zayn and tugged on his jeans.

"D-Daddy! Please, I don't need a nap!" He begged. Louis was outraged. As if having to take naps at school wasn't torturous enough, now his daddies wanted him to take on at home too!
"Louis, don't worry, bub. It's just for tonight. You boys will probably be up past your bedtime and you don't want to be fussy on Halloween!" Zayn exclaimed. He knew all too well that the boys would be up late either from going to houses or from having a sugar rush, and the last thing he wanted to deal with was two cranky boys.

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