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Eddie's POV

"I mean look at him he's obviously the rich type, did you see the car he came in, he looked like a Greek god as he walked to Y/n." Richie continued to talk about how he thinks Y/n was going to soon realize how much of a loser we really are and will soon leave us for popularity, being Zion, Nick and the rest of the schools rich kids which are a few since not a lot of rich people live in Derry.

Who would.

This conversation was not making me feel any better at all.

She did call me a cute loser, but what if she was playing with me only because she felt bad.

"Hey Ed's are you ok." Richie stopped talking and looked over at me.

"I'm fine and don't call me that." I reply.

"Jeez, Eddie don't have to be so harsh, he's just jealous that Y/n is practically in love with Mr. rich guys and she's leaving us to become more popular then she already is." Richie said it like it was nothing......


"You know what Shut up Richie no one wants to hear your opinion on everything, especially on Y/n." I shot back.

"G-guys s-stop fighting, s-She's not l-leaving us, she's j-just showing Zion and Nick around, then she'll be b-back to h-hanging out w-with us." Bill stops us from arguing.

"Your right, sorry Bill." I apologize.

"Keep telling your self that." Richie kept walking.

We were going to the barrens without Y/n


I just keep telling myself that she's busy and once she's done, things will go back to normal.

"But do you think they're a thing?" Mike asks suddenly.

"W-what do you m-mean?" Bill asks back.

"I mean Zion and Y/n, they seemed all cuddly and stuff, he called her baby mama." Mike said with an obvious tone in his voice.






YOU GUYS THIS WHOLE TIME!" Richie yells loudly clearly annoyed and frustrated.

"Can you guys just stop!" Stan yells making everyone silent.

"Once everything was alright a year ago before Georgie went missing, and after we defeated It it all went almost back to normal, and now it's like it's happening all over again." We all stood there still and silent not knowing what to say or what to do.

"What if It is back." Ben was the first to say something.

"N-no he c-can't be b-back." Bill said not wanting It to be back and destroy us this time, he took his little brother last time.

"I-it haven't b-been 27 y-year." Bill said making a point.

"He's right, it's only been a year." Mike said sounding confused.

"But if It is back....we blood promised we would be back together to stop It again." Stan said confidently.

"He's right." I finally speak.

"But What are we going to do about Y/n." Ben asks.

"What do you mean?" Mike asked back.

"Y/n doesn't know about It, does she?" Ben said.

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