CHP. 16 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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As I was translating this, I was smirking  and "kyaa kyaa" the whole way through. May have looked insane but it's all worth it. Merry Christmas. Rated PG 13. Lets get to the chapter

 Lets get to the chapter

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The demon spirits near the pagoda drifted away, chilly winds bursting, even the atmosphere took on a layer of pessimism, but a few gently swaying lanterns were filled with light, this light is not bright enough, not enough to dazzle, but warm enough, to disperse the haze within the two people's hearts.

    Ling Si looked down at Su Tang, eyes warm and bright, full of the other's reflection, as if his heart is filled to the brim with Su Tang.

    "Baby, can I?" He asked.

    Su Tang's nose soured, quickly covering his face, for fear his shameful appearance would be seen by the other person, wanting to speak and yet feeling bold and unrestrained, could not bear to disagree, eventually nodded, with a small hmm.

    Having said that, he was somewhat impatient, quickly separating his fingers a slight crack, secretly using his eyes to look at the other party, Ling Si is laughing, not like the past when it was subtle, rather somewhat triumphant, he rarely laughed, Su Tang thinks in his heart, he is probably very happy, happy just like himself.

    Ling Si held his hand and pulled it down, holding him whilst facing the low mound, the two bowed down, worshiping heaven and earth, worshiping parents, and finally facing each other, clenching each other's hands, as if to never separate.

(T/N: In Chinese society when a couple gets married, there is a traditional ceremony. The newly bride and groom must bow before heaven and earth, then their parents and then between themselves, before they become husband and wife)

    Green gray tablet flashed light, across the top of the two people's heads, like the elders gently stroking them, the wind stopped, the fog is also light, the ray of light encircling towards the heavens, turning into a vast sky of glistening stars, always blessing their own children.

    Su Tang raised his head, his face is red hot, Ling Si held his hands within his palms, but the other party also placed a light kiss on his lips, Su Tang seems to have been shocked, eyes blinking, drooping curved eyelashes.

    Ling Si's heart suddenly jumped very fast, he can not wait to go back, he wants to advance forward together at once, he wants to love his baby well.

    Sometimes people can not control themselves, probably the so called feelings of self repression, Ling Si stared deeply at Su Tang, those rational things have long been left behind, can only reach out to embrace his beloved baby, then walked next to the stone pillars, to avoid the mounds and towers, leaving the evergreen pine and cypress to cover their backs.

    Su Tang shouted out surprised, his heart may have guessed something, but did not push the other away, his face even a little red, because he just cried before, the eyes are also glowing with layers of mist, and could not help but blink, he looked at the other in this way, both innocent and shy, there is no mature charm of a fox demon, but it is enough to let Ling Si mind turn upside down.

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