CHP. 15 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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"What?!" Su Tang's heart quivered, feeling almost unbelievable as he faces Su Qing, the other party also found it difficult to accept, the facial expression can only be said to be ugly.

    Only Ling Si is the most calm, he just frowned, he put Su Tang down, then turned back to Su Qing saying: "In addition to the face, what else did you see?"

    "I was not able to see clearly." Su Qing recalled, and only said: "At the time the copper coin vibrated, I turned my head to take a look, the scenery behind me was all blurry, as though a barrier was placed there, I can only clearly see his face, and your face looks exactly the same ... ..."

    She finished speaking, and could not help but look at Ling Si.

    This man is righteous and it is impossible to assume that he can do evil, but what he wants to investigate is not so simple, with just a glance, she can perceive the concentrated resentment surrounding his body, almost engulfing her, in this way it may be assumed, that this matter is something a demon with evil tendencies attaches great importance to.

    Thinking of this, Su Qing could not help but worry about it, that demon changed into Ling Si's appearance, surely wants him to work against his own people, and her own younger brother is in an intimate relationship with the other party, she was afraid ... ... she was afraid Su Tang will be implicated.

    The atmosphere between the three people suddenly fell to an extreme cold temperature.

    Ling Si finally spoke, breaking the silence, and said: "That thing did this deliberately."

    Finished speaking, he looked up and looked at the gray sky, the dark clouds appearing to be a demon pressuring on the domed roof , a glimpse of it and you'll be aware that it is not an auspicious omen, the surrounding demons went back and forth, anything out of place couldn't be made out, he then faintly withdrew his gaze: "That thing has already left."

    Su Tang vaguely felt that the other party seems to be concealing himself, his heart felt extremely anxious, recalling that the demon followed them throughout their whole journey, and still wearing a face identical to Ling Si, he couldn't help but be afraid, he clutched Ling Si's clothes, whispering: "he ... ... he will hurt you?"

    Ling Si hesitated for a bit, then only replied: "No."

    Obviously Su Tang did not believe this, he stared at Ling Si, his face somewhat pale, his lips ceased of color, his fear and concern that his heart gave birth to for unknown reasons spoke out.

    Ling Si upon seeing this, smiled and reached out to stroke Su Tang's head, he lowered his head and kissed his lips, following it by kissing his nose bridge to his forehead, only gently saying: "I will not let him hurt me."

    The familiar smell and temperature is near him once again, Su Tang felt even more uncomfortable, he held onto Ling Si's clothes, not allowing him to leave, and placed his head on the other's chest, only asked muffled : "But why should he become you The way? "

    "... ... It's only a guess." Ling Si finished, and eyed Su Qing, before saying: "I want to take you to a place."

    Su Tang nodded, he was just about to agree, Su Qing voiced out from the side.

   "Wait a minute." "Su Qing came forward and pulled on Su Tang's shoulder, saying:" That's too dangerous, I do not care if you die, but my brother is out of the question, I can't be at ease if I allow him accompany you to that place so the both of you will fall to your death's."

    Su Qing had long been determined, she knew Su Tang liked Ling Si, however she cannot indulge the other party for the purpose of a small speck of emotional love in spite of danger, her brother is still young, as his sister, even if she plays the part of a bad man, she pulled on Su Tang's shoulder.

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