CHP. 13 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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"Like." Ling Si didn't even think, he only directly faced Su Tang as he said it. The night wind blew onto their faces, and it felt somewhat cool, but this sentence is definitely warm, like a radiator, it's warmth covering Su Tang's heart.

    He did not have time to react, as Ling Si continued to say: "I like you, particularly like you, if possible, I want to always like you."

    Beneath the reflecting moonlight, Ling Si's eyes were as serene as a lakes deep waters, the shallow smile from past days ceased to exist, nevertheless it is a bit more affectionate, his voice is very clear, the tone of his words serious and solemn, it is clear that he is not joking, but making a promise towards his little fox.


    Su Tang's heart began to jump, he felt happy enough to die, he felt a small bird in the pit of his stomach about to soar, repeatedly flapping it's wings to fly towards the heavens immediately.

    He even wanted to laugh, but he quickly covered his mouth, wanting to secretly hide his emotions.

    He asked, "What do you like about me?"

    Ling Si smiled, he was in no rush to answer him, he first removed Su Tang's small hands that is  covering his mouth, he gently grasped his hand in his palms, raising his head once more, he faced Su Tang softly smiling.

    In fact, Ling Si rarely smiled, his beautiful eyes slightly curved up, without the usual young and inexperienced abstinence, giving of the feeling of a bewitching demon. He is actually a half demon, containing half of the demon wang's blood, even though he has lived as human for many years among mankind, but inadvertently, showing that sort of expression, pulls people in deep and makes them incapable of escaping.

(Note: wang = king/monarch)

    Su Tang is still a little demon, unable to bear this sort of enticement, he meekly and cleverly lowered his head, he sat on the wall, Ling Si stood beside him, the two pairs of eyes converged, and became stuck in a stalemate with each other, unable to move away.

    The breeze blew, like stirring up the strings of one's heart, Ling Si finally could not hold back, slightly tilting forward, making contact with the lips he thought of for a long time.

    Su Tang did not hide, he did not know to hide, he felt the other party's clear breath, furthermore their breathing was inseparable, four layers of lips mutually imprinting, sealing, and then gently caressing, subtle tactile sensations on the lip, like waves, wave after crashing wave sweeping along in Su Tang's throbbing heart. 

    His hand was be clutched by Ling Si, unceasingly rubbing the middle of the palms, and then slowly pulled him closer, the other hand leaning on his cheek, delicate fingertips moving across the skin, gently holding Su Tang's cheek.

    The wind blew the leaves, making a crashing sound, the birds awakened, the lingering love between the two people also snapped, Ling Si finally stopped, turning a bit and gently kissed the tip of Su Tang's nose, then slowly walked back a little, his voice sounding hoarse, but as always gentle.

    "I like you, it's just that kind of like." Ling Si's eyes watched Su Tang, his eyes reflecting the other party's reflection.

    Su Tang sluggishly came to, his face glowing red, big black eyes covered in mist, looking pitiful and innocent, as though being bullied.

    Ling Si couldn't stand this sort of expression the most, feeling as though he is about to be burned by fire, he had no choice but to reach out and cover Su Tang's eyes with his hand, helplessly saying: "baby, if you reveal that expression, I can not help but want to bully  you."

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