Chapter 18~ His Announcement

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Kakashi-sensei pulls up threaths, always. 

Words used to describe my friends (also teacher):

Naruto = Idiotic/goofy

Sasuke = Weird/emotionless

Kakashi-sensei = Lazy/Perverted

 I'm so right, aren't I? Hehe. Wooot, anyways, off to my house!


 I got home, had supper, and landed on my bed. I huddled under my yellow blanket, still thinking about Kakashi-sensei's 'lecture'. Yeah, I know that I shouldn't when it's just practically a threath (maybe?) but ehh. I guess I need some rest. My brain's gonna explode. 



 Darn that alarm clock. I was never really glad that I have one. I bought something I hate. Anyways, I better get movin'!

  So there. I did my daily morning routines then trailed off. 

"Sakura, you're already set?!" My mom yelled. 

Ugh, it's morning and she's gonna bark, bark, bark? Troublesome. [And I'm now using Shikamaru's words! Sakura Haruno, what's happening to you?!]

"Yes, of course mom. Don't you think I won't plan to go if I'm not set yet?!" I rolled my eyes in annoyance. 

"What was that, Sakura?!" she yelled more.

"N-nothing!" I ran outside, then saw Kakashi-sensei at the gates of Konoha. 

"Hey, Sakura!" he exclaimed. 

"Hi...? You're early." I said in confusion. 

"You'll soon find out why." he smiled. 

  Uh-oh. Something bad is going to happen. Let me get your facts straight, okay? When Kakashi-sensei invites you to have coffee or training with him, and you say 'yes', he tells you the time when you two should meet. If he arrives late, GET USED! If he arrives early, GET CREEPED OUT! Why? Something is not right. LISTEN TO SAKURA HARUNO! SHE KNOWS EVERYTHIN'!~ (Well, not literal though. Heh)


I waited for someone else to come. Wait... 

I'm practically waiting for no one! Kakashi-sensei didn't even told us that we should meet him here!

I sulk. "Sensei, may I ask you something?" I mentioned. 

"I suppose." he nodded. 

"How the hell can anyone know that you're here, and must be meet at this location?" I huffed. 

He pointed. "See that sign?" 

I looked behind me. There was a sign that says, "All Genin students must come here and stay near the gates with Hatake Kakashi." 




Now, how the hell did I missed that?!

"Oh, that explains, indeed." I nodded in frustration.

Finally (Ehem, ehem. FINALLY!!) someone arrived. 

Guess who? 

Clue? You want clue? 

Sure, a clue is comin' your way. 

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