I'm in SAO?😱

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I'm heading home right now,I just walk coz it's just way to early. I'm almost at our subdivision when I saw an old lady carrying something, and from the looks of it,I think it's quite heavy. I run towards the old lady and volunteers to carry her loads.

"Where are you heading Grandma?"
I asked the old lady as I carry her loads.

"Just the on the front of that block young lady." The old lady answers with a soft and eandering voice.

Wow her voice sounds so relaxing

"Grandma do you sing?" I suddenly blurted out,sheez I'm not planning to voice that out I'm so stupid.

"No young lady I don't sing,our voices are just like this."

"Our? So basically mean that there's many of you Grandma?" I asked the old lady again,but this time she didn't answered she just smiled at me.

"Oh sorry Grandma I guess I've been way to tactless,we are already here."

The old lady thanked me but before that she gives me something weird. It's like a form of a butterfly and a Cacao seed. And she said to me that....

"Put this below the pillow that you always used when you are sleeping. This thing grants anything your heart desires young lady,I'll get going now."

"Okay thank you for this Grandma." I thanked the old lady back as she bids her goodbyes with me.

I continued walking home,but before I entered our gate I looked back to where the old lady went.

My butler Nikolai greeted me as I enter inside the house.

"Welcome home milady,how was school?" Nikolai with his killer smile again,jeez this guy had no problems isn't he? He's always all smiles.

"Boring as ever Nikolai." I answered my butler with a blank expression on my face.

"My my don't be so cold milady I might freeze." Sometimes I doubt my Butler,is he a straight or a gay? It's not I had problems with gays or bisexuals it's just that I find it cute haha

"Shut up Nikolai,you sounds so gay."
I can feel my lips forming a smile as he continues doing some gay actions,later on it really becomes a laugh.

"Damn haha stop it,stop dancing you look like a tree wearing a tuxedo haha."
This is really what I like about Nikolai,he won't stop not until you laugh,I didn't regret that I choose him to accompany me here in the Philippines. Mom and Dad are both in Japan,in Tokyo Precisely, Dad is there to manage some of his business,and Mom is there to be my Dad's stress reliever. Managing a business isn't a simple thing,it's way to tiring and depressing so I understand them both. They are doing that for my future anyway, and maybe I could have a little brother now that they are always together.

"Nikolai,cook me dinner already I wanna sleep early."
I never knew kicking and punching a face is quite tiring,oh well that happens.

"Right away milady." Nikolai replies as he started to walk towards the kitchen.

I run towards the staircase and heads to my room,I hurriedly takes a quick bath and changes into my SAO shirt and short shorts. My SAO shirt is custom made,I draw the characters and designs it myself.

After dressing up,I came down to the kitchen and watch Nikolai cooks my dinner,I'm jealous, I can cook and I love it but Mom and Dad won't let me not until I'm 18,even Nikolai won't let me too. Too much for being a billionaire's only child but no worries I'm almost 18 now,just 4months to go yippiee....

"Please have your fill milady."

"I surely will Nikolai,thanks."

I eat my food like a construction worker,who cares I love eating anyway,and I don't get fat no matter how many foods I ate. And I hate wasting food too,I may have lots of things,I can get whatever I want,I can buy anything but I do know too how to treasure things.

Ahh I'm stuffed,

I stands up and puts the utilities that I used into the sink,After that I wipes the area of the table that I had used.

I looked at the clocked near the chips cabinet and it's still early.

I washed the things that I had used on eating so Nikolai won't be bothered about it anymore.

I goes back to my room and gets my converse shoes,maybe I'll just go for a jog.

"Nikolai I'll just go jog around the subdivision for a while!" I shouted as I goes outside our house's gate.

After jogging for about 20 minutes around,I decided to goes home. As I head home I remember that old lady again. This block is where I left her,I suddenly smiled for whatever reason. I looked at the clock in my wrist,and finds out that it's already 6:45pm.

I'm in my bed now,I was still wondering if I will follow the old lady's instruction or not,but in the end I decided to follows it. I put the seed-butterfly form thing under my pillow and lays there. After a while my eyes grow heavier and I fall into a deep slumber.

I woke up by the sunlight touching my face,the feeling that a cold fresh air is making my clothes and hair dances in an unknown rhythm of music. My eyes flew open as I realizes something, there's no way a sunlight can enter my room, not even a wind. And what I saw before me makes me in awe. Im laying in a green grasses near a huge tree,it's shade is covering me from sunlights and a view of blue clouds is so visible. Wait................


This scene is so familiar,

Right this is in Sword Art Online!!!!

I'm in SAO!!?? Oh my god I can't believe this,that old Lady isn't joking around.

I streamed my eyes around the place and there I saw Kirito on top of those broken bricks.

If Kirito is there,and there are only two of us here......


That makes me

I looked at my arm,my body,touched my face and hair,and I finally looks at my waist and there I saw Asuna's rapier.

Oh sh*t I'm right,that makes me Asuna the lighting flash.

Oh my just how lucky am I?

Otaku Be Like bes~~~~^__^

This is only fiction aryt hehe

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