Chapter 12

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April Sixth 2013 - SATURDAY (All Rights Reserved.)

Alessa was running, she felt her heart pounding in her chest, she was scared of something not quite sure what it was, she looked behind her shoulder and saw him, the man she was running from, she couldn't see his face but she knew he was scary, and she needed to run from him quickly!

She cried when she tripped over a twig on the cold forest ground, she instantly felt bad for laughing at the girls who randomly fell in movies whilst running from her killer, she tried getting up but found the twig was somehow wrapped around her ankle.

She cried and looked at where the man was and saw him right in front of her face. She tried getting the twig untied from her ankle but it wasn't budging, the man wrapped his large hand around her neck shoving her on the ground roughly then straddled her, she looked at his face and what she saw scared her.



Jolting awake, Alessa grabbed her chest and felt her heart beating fast in her chest, she felt like she knew that place from somewhere, the forest she knew she had been there before, she knew those giant oak and maple trees, she knew the mossy covered tree logs that surrounded that floor.

She couldn't quite pin point where it was, seeing as she had absolutely no memory of her life now, she still hadn't found out what year it was, or how old she was, or even what her birth-date was, she didn't know when she planned to get married, what she had in mind for the wedding.

For all she knew she could have chosen something completely different than her taste now, she doubted it but she couldn't help but wonder what she chose exactly.

She tried forcing the memory to come back to her, but found herself sobbing uncontrollably when she couldn't remember...

She felt bad for everyone she knew, they probably had so many good memories together and she couldn't remember them, she sat in the hospital bed holding her pale face in her small hands.

"Oh god, why can't I remember anything, what's happening to me?" She questioned nobody in particular. "Nothing, nothing is happening to you angel, I'm the reason this happened and for that I'm extremely sorry, I wish I realized this from before...but, when I saw you laying in the hospital bed motionless, in the same exact spot I saw you the day before scared me, I thought I lost you baby.. I can't-I can't lose you Alessa." The slightly familiar voice of her fiance voiced. "I don't know why I stayed with you while you abused me, but you must have been doing something right for me not to leave you, and I'm kind of glad that I did because now we get to start all over again, I can't look at you like a monster because I have no memory of what happened, and that's the good part of all this..." She smiled at him.

"We get to make new memories." She added, her fiance smiled at her and crashed his lips to her, she immediately responded to the kiss with a rough fierce kiss of her own, she raked her hands through his dark black hair, their heated kiss ended once their body demanded air.

"God, I love you." Alec whispered before crashing his lips to hers once again.

A knock sounded throughout the room and they knew they had -much to their disappointment- to stop, Alec stood up and opened the door to see the doctor standing there.

"Well, I see you are awake, how are you feeling today Alessa?" The doctor asked her, she stared at him. "Well, I'm fine but I wish I knew what happened." Alessa frowned. "Well there's a 50% chance your memory can come back at anytime, it of course has a chance of it not happening so I wouldn't get your hopes up, but if it helps most of my patients that suffered something similar have got their memory back, so I guess in a way it could be good news." The doctor explained to her, she nodded her head once trying to process there was a 50/50 chance she could get her memory back, but then again she might not get it at all...

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