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Aidan has his head snuggled into my neck and he seems to be calmed by my scent.

He is weird.

"Why didn't you tell me before leaving?"He asks in a soft voice.

I just remained silent.

"Did you forget the rules?"He asks and i shook my head no.

He shuts up and snuggles more into my neck and his hands tighten around my waist in a possessive way.

"Did you know what could have happened to you out there?"He asks, his voice again turning hard.

"Yes"I whisper.

"Then why didn't you tell me?"he asks once again, his voice angry.

That's it.

I broke down into sobs and Aidan quickly lifted his head from my neck and pulled me into his embrace.

"Hey don't cry, Sorry i shouted at you but i was just scared that what would have happened to me if something would have happened to you"he says in a comforting voice.

"It has just been a day and it seems like I am already falling for you" he says on which my whole body froze.

"It's time for me to go,Princess"He says after a while and lifts me from on top of him and puts me on the bad and stands up to leave.

"Aidan"I say while getting up,He stops when he is about to open the door.

I walk towards him and give him the faintest whisper of a kiss on his cheek.

"Bye,Come to school tomorrow"He says...

Yeah more like orders.

I go to bed and wait for the darkness to consume me but it doesn't and I am left alone with my thoughts about him.

Do i also like him?

Am i also falling for him?

Is he worthy of my love?

Or Am i worthy of his love?

Thousands of questions came in my mind, Making me anxious.

He is hot,Tall,Sexy and all bad boy type, Even though he is a little possessive and an angry headed person, I think i can handle him.He is the guy which every girl dreams about...

Maybe I can work out with him...Or not.

But it's worth a shot and i won't even know if i don't even try it.

These were my last thoughts when darkness finally consumed me.

I slept very well last night and it would be a lie, if i said that i didn't dream about Aidan.

Nah...I dreamed about riding a unicorn who cries candies and poops rainbow.

Hehehehe..I mentally snickered.

It was cute though.

My alarm goes off, I quickly run into the bathroom and change my clothes.

I walk downstairs,Take a apple and run outside.

I reached school before 8:30.

Now I am sitting here, writing in my diary.

I was writing about how my day was going and how i miss him.

When two big arms encircled my waist and the person kissed my cheek, Making me blush like a tomato.

The person's scent was like Aidan's, Like the fresh smell of rain and fire, mixed.

"Hey, Baby girl"He said in a morning husky voice which made me swoon over him.

I turned around to find him sleepily looking at me with admiration.

I smiled at how cute he was and pinched his cheeks.

"You're sooooo cute"I say like a kid on which he gets grumpy and says,"I am not cute,You can call me hotty,Sexy or whatever manly-like but not cute".

"Awwww"I say again and pinch his cheek again.

He was playfully glaring at me now..

"Oh. You're in big trouble princess"he says and i squeak loudly and took of running.

After a while of running, i looked back to see if someone was following me but thankfully no-one was following me and i sighed in relief.

Just when i turned my face,Someone whispered right in my face:

"Got you!"..

I screamed in horror.

His hands found its way to my waist and he pulls me incredibly close to him.

I make a pout and false cry, "I-I lost"i say while fake sobbing.

"Hey,you didn't lost and by the way you run very fast"he says.

"Really?"i ask on which he nods.

"Guess you are right!"I say and run off again.

The warning bell rung and i walk in the corridors cautiously, I hear my voice being called so i turned around to find Sam and Christina coming my way hurriedly.

"Where did you go?"Christina asked me while out of breath.

"Why are you asking me this?"I ask her.

"You don't know what has happened?"Christina again asks me and i roll my eyes at her question..

"Go outside"Sam said, He never speaks to me so why now?, Maybe something really has happened.

I walk outside to be astonished at the view in front of me, Aidan was beating the shit out of a poor lad.

I quickly walk up to him and when i am about to reach him, someone pulls me back and says, "Are you crazy?".

I just stare at him with anger and push him back, I make my way towards Aidan and keep my hand on his biceps.

He immediately stiffens and stops, The boy run off scared of Aidan's anger.

Aidan turned around, his eyes filled with rage, so i pull him into a hug tightly.

"What happened Teddy bear?"I ask him, Aidan just chuckles in my neck and whispers, "Had to beat him".

"Lets go, inside"I tell him and when i turn around i notice a crowd in front of me, staring at Aidan and I, The girls were glaring, actually.

They all were thinking that how did i calm his anger?.

"DON'T YOU HAVE OTHER THINGS  TO DO"I shout at the top of my lungs, The crowd quickly scurries inside the school.

Wow!, Alot of confidence...

I turn around and collide with a hard-toned chest, "Step aside."I just say two words as i am beyond pissed at him.

"Jeni"He says in a low, guilty voice.

"No.Don't.Jeni.Me"I raise my voice at him and he just looks at me intensely.

"What were you thinking!?"I shoit at him, He remained silent and closed his eyes to control his anger.

"Are you out of your min-"He cut me off by shouting at me, Ten times more louder.

"What was i supposed to do,huh?.He was talking about what was mine, You know what he was saying, Oh right you don't.He said'How is she like in bed?', But you wouldn't understand because you're a self-centered *****".

I am.......Hurt.

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