An Epic Battle: Royalty .vs. Insect - One shot

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This is just a funny little story based on a true story

An Epic Battle: Human vs. Cockroach

A human princess - who goes by Princess Yv - leaves the toilet and puts the light off. She then notices a large black thing lying nearby on the floor. Curious as to what the object could be she puts the light on again and approaches her quickly retreating enemy. Deciding to continue on to her bedchamber as previously planned she puts the light off again and starts her journey. The small but deadly enemy reappears in the blink of an eye, successfully blocking the princesses way. Quickly, she reaches for the light switch and flips it left, and is washed in a saving light once more, only to see a small retreating figure duck for cover under her ancient tumble-dryer. Open's her fellow princess and ally's door to let additional light into passage and also to inform her of the midnight invasion. Princess Mo laughs at Yv's story but acts with caution. Suddenly Princess Yv notices the enemy heading towards the unprotected kingdom of her bedchamber. Rushing to ward off the little terrorist, she successfully drives them away. Unfortunately the scared creature runs for their life straight into the queen's chamber. Princess Mo rushes to rescue the queen with a fluffy slipper in hand, but the sneak has successfully escaped. Both Princesses wait in terror through the night, as in the morning the midnight invasion must come to the queen's attention.

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