Chapter 8

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Assalamwalaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

So finally I'm back after so long.

I'm really sorry for keeping you all waiting..... So here is the chapter enjoy.

This chapter is dedicated to hijabi23 and JanisJane


Zoya's Pov

I slowly nodded looking down not knowing what to say. Both of my brothers can't stand any boy near me.

They will break every single bone of any person who will try to hurt me and I consider myself lucky for having such protective brothers in my life.

I looked up at him to see his expression changed into an unreadable one. I sighed and took his hand in mine.

"Bhai relax. It's just a presentation. And beside, every single boy knows that you will not spare anyone who will misbehave with me". I said and he nodded.

"Okay fine, now go and be careful". He said and I nodded with a smile.

After watching me go, he sat in his car and drive away. I can't help but smile. Alhumdulilah is the only word left my month when I think of my brothers.

I entered my class and everybody were preparing for their presentations. Soon our teacher arrived and everyone started giving presentation one by one.

After the presentation was finished, I and Muskan headed towards the cafeteria to eat something.

Alhumdulilah my presentation was good and my teacher appreciated us for it. 

"So Zoyi, are you ready for your interview?". Muskan asked when we sat on the table with our sandwiches and coke.

"Yes, I am—At least I hope so I am. What about you?". I asked.

She took a bite of her sandwich and shook her head. One thing is clear that Muskan is really nervous and stressed because whenever she feels stressed or nervous, she eats more.

"Muskan, relax. It's just an interview. I'm sure you'll pass it". I tried to console my best friend who was eating like she didn't had anything from ages.

"How can I relax? Do you know, there are more than 200 students who are giving interview today. I don't even know, if I am capable of doing job or not". She said and took a drink of her coke.

I sighed. "I know Muskan, there are many students who will give interview today but there are many companies who are coming for taking our interviews. I'm sure we'll pass in at least one interview". I bite my sandwich and then took a drink from my coke.

"Think positive. And trust Allah SWT. Everything will be fine". I said and finished my food.

Muskan finished eating a long time back because she was eating very fast as if the food will disappear any moment.

Suddenly the bell rang indicating the break time is over. Now we have to go for our interview.

After saying salam and wishing luck to Muskan, I headed towards the room where I was told to go for my interview.

I just hope everything goes well.... Insha Allah


Sameer's Pov

I walked in my cabin and sat down on my chair. I was really tried after the meeting. The meeting lasted almost four hours and now I'm exhausted.

Suddenly my phone started ringing. I groaned out of frustration and took my mobile but after seeing the caller ID, I immediately answered the call.

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