The Superstar's Long Lost Sister (A One Direction Fan Fic)

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A/N: Yay!! My first One Direction Fan Fic!!! -screams- - @crazylollerchick23x whacks author behind the head- Gosh... Sorry for over reacting!! I've been thinking about doing a One Direction Fan Fic For Days!! So.. Here it is!!


Reign's POV:

~Reign's Dream~

"Reign!!!" I turned around and saw a boy with a bieber-ish hair he looks like 16.... He ran up to me ang hugged me when I looked at him closely he looks a little like me..... Suddenly... I saw 4 boys from behind... Then there's a girl beside the blacked-haired boy.... But when they were coming closer.. I was backing-up... Like someone was pulling me back.... I was screaming my head off... And the people who were running after me was screaming my name.... "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH" I fell down a hole... a never ending hole..... full of darkness....... "AAAAAAAAHHHHH" I screamed again......


~End Of Dream~

"AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!" i shot out of bed... I was scared as heck!! I looked out outside my window and saw 2 vans... Oh I forgot to introduce myself....

I'm Reign......... 14 years-old.....Yup... No surname... When I was 1 year old I was brought to this care home in Wolverhampton.... I didn't know who my birth parents are.. I always stare out the window... Daydreaming that they would come back and get me back... I don't even know when my bithdate is....... I just wished my parents would come back for me..

"Reign!! Can you come down please??" Sonny, Our care home taker, said

"COMIIIIIIING!!!" I screamed... I came down wearing my One Direction PJs... Did I forgot to mention.. I'm a huge fan of One Direction!! I got their songs in my i Pod touch and in my Blackberry!! Okay I need to stop fangiling... -breath in- -breath out-

When I came down my jaw just dropped at the ground...... WHAT THE HECK IS ONE DIRECTION DOING IN THIS CARE HOME?!?!?! I saw them looked at me and they just smiled... Of course I cannot stand not to smile.. I beamed a smile back at them.. I saw Louis giggled then I just looked at them confusingly.. And I forgot... I'm wearing ONE DIRECTION PJs!!!! I blushed and they just chuckled...

"Reign....-sigh- -smiles- I want you to meet your birth parents.... Karen and Geoff Payne.." Sonny said... My jaw dropped, my eyes began tearing up.... I ran to them and gave them a hug...

"Why did you leave me?" I whispered to MOM

"We had money problems and we can't have 4 kids at the same time that time... I'm so sorry hunny.." MOM said

"Do you love me?" I asked.. Gosh.. What kind of question was that...

"Of course we love you hunny.." MOM and DAD said at the same time.. I just cried at their shoulders hardly.... My dream came true.. My mom and dad came here to get me back.. After like 1minute of crying in their shoulders I pulled back..

"Reign... -smiles- Your going to live with them.. Permenently.. now.. Pack your bags!! Be happy -smiles-" Sonny said.. My jaw dropped I hugged Sonny so tightly I think I was suffocating her..

"Reign.... Can't... Breathe!!" I let go of her and i just smile from ear to ear

"Reign... I think you might know your brother and sisters" my MOM said with a chuckle...

"O my gosh!! Reign!!!" 2 Girls said Im guessing that's Ruth and Nicola.. They hugged me so tightly..

"I-I-I" I stuttered

"Don't need to say anything Reign" They said.... Akward they said that at the same time.. They pulled back and looked at Liam.. Who I guess was in tears... His eyes were red and puffy

"N-n-Reign... I-I can't b-believe it's you.. You've grown alot" He hugged me so tightly... I was frozen.. Seeing my birth parents, my brother, and my sister... I really don't want to get out of my family's grip.... I think I teard up a little cause Liam said.. "Shhh.. Don't cry.." 'What a Caring brother' i taught... Finally he pulled back..

"I-I-I can't believe this.... I w-was always looking at the w-window dreaming t-that my birth p-parents would come a-and get me a-and-" I said but they all cutted me of with a hug...

"Soooo... Let's go help you pack?" Liam said.. i just nodded.....


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