Smart Cookies. Part 38

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29th October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

It was nice when we can take the kids out for lunch somewhere and not feel too worried they would ruin or wreck the place. Of course, we wouldn't really take them to a place that was not going to be comfortable for them either.

So, taking them to the food court at the shopping centre which caters to family members of all sorts of ages, was what we did. Plus, they had this small playground that was centre to everything where parents can see their children as they played.

Not that I would allow my children to go there unescorted. Where they went was where I went. My babies never left my sight. The only time they did was when they were with an approved escort.

They were fast and they were smart. And they knew it just as much as we did as well.

Brian looks like he is going to be a builder in the future since he likes to build things out of anything he can get his hands on. Or swipe from anywhere in the house. But Tarynne, we are still not too sure of what she might do with her future. Most of what she does is watch us and think. Then when she has something to say to any one of us, she does.

Then she goes back to her thumb sucking. Something we thought was a soother for her. But in actuality, it was helping her to think.

What helps us to see when she is about to say anything is when her little blue eyes begin to squint. Right before she speaks and says something you wished she hadn't of. I say this because the twins have always been spoken to as if they were adults. There was none of that baby talk that most people say to their kids.

The twins were going to speak like us eventually, so why use another language they will only have to change along the way.

Hence the fact that our babies can hold a conversation with you on just about any topic. Well... the ones that interest them anyways. When there were big words being used, the two little ones slowed themselves down and said them slowly so they got the pronunciation of them right. They would practice and practice them over and over again.

Then they would be very proud of themselves for saying it right. I was so proud of them as was Rem.

Every day after he finished work, Rem would come home and one of the first things he would do after he grabbed a quick shower was to take the kids attention away from me and spend time with them while I got our dinner ready. Ever since the babies were born, he would do this so I would have free time to cook. Then we would all sit at the table as a family.

It might have started with the babies in their carriers until they were old enough to sit up and then progress to sitting in a high chair. For the most, I would have dinner ready and then have to go chase the kids down with their father who was acting more of a kid than they were.

But they made me smile and I didn't mind the time when he took them. I couldn't concentrate on cooking with little ones underfoot.

Maybe when they are older, I won't mind them in the kitchen so much. But I was more concerned with the fact that sometimes I would be carrying a hot pot or sharp knives and with the little ones around me, I was terrified of them getting hurt.

But we try to have both lunch and dinner together as a family. When work has to make it's ugly head appear when it clashes with those times, we usually incorporate meals with work. It has made for some very interesting moments with some executive who has joined us.

But family come first as most of our clients have come to realise. And I mean our clients. I am head of his accounting department and I hate it when things don't add up. So every now and again, I would crunch the book again and again to find out where the discrepancy is and look at fixing it. Most of the time, it was just a small thing like someone accidently punching a wrong number into the databases accounting system. It was an easy fix.

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