my boss' arrogant son chapter 2

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**************okay this is chapter 2 and i hope you enjoy.***********************************************

I threw my handbag down on the floor when I got home and started manically rushing around cleaning my flat. Leanne had said she'd be here by 6pm, but in Leanne language that meant 5:45, which gave me a grand total of 20 minutes to clean before she got here with that much needed bottle of wine.

Knowing her, she'd probably bring three bottles just in case. Leanne was my little drinking partner when things got too much for me.

Amy was too busy with her family, and Jenna was studying like always for some essay or other that needed handing in soon, so it was just the two of us tonight.

Lately it seemed like it was always the two of us. What happened to the days when the four of us would drink in the local parks aged 13, or hit the town when we got a bit older at 16.

It was just another way of proving that all our lives were so different now, and I hated it!

Why couldn't we just stay 16 forever, growing older just plain sucks?

Chucking some dirty laundry in the washing machine, I quickly cleared the living room of any stray mugs and threw them in the sink.

Like I'd thought, three of my poor nails now lay somewhere in that bloody office, along with my patience. It had been a nightmare, and to make it worse I was so busy cleaning the office I forgot about the meeting I had to sit in. Alan was not a happy man when he had actually had to come looking for me - only to find me still in the office, sitting on a pile of boxes filling my nails.

No matter how much I argued that it was his fault they were broken in the first place, he seemed to take it upon himself to call me a 'stupid lazy airhead'.

Now I'll not bother arguing with the stupid and airhead part, because I can see his point of view with that; but lazy?

Fuck, I don't think that man's ever got off his arse in his life, I would bet my life he even has a catheter fitted so he doesn't need to drag himself up when he needs a piss.

Oh, ok that was disgusting, but you get my point.

Leanne didn't even bother to knock when she got here, she just waltzed right in like she always does, invited or not.

"Hey bitch, so what's up?" she asked as she plonked her ass on my dark brown leather sofa. "And you better have a good reason for ditching me at lunch."

I took a deep breath and told her the whole sorry story.

Being the good friend she is, she nodded at all the right places and joined in my good bitching session, calling him nothing but a 'fucking twat'.

I've got to say, I agree 100% with her. I mean, who does he think he is? Telling me to clean an office; not even that but blackmailing me with it. I hate him. I even hate his son already and I don't even him yet.

Two bottles of wine later, I was slipping my stilettos on as we made our way the door.

Let me make this clear, when I called Leanne earlier on in desperate need for a girls night, I hadn't once intended to go out; but after a few glasses of lethal wine, she'd manager to convince me that it was a good idea. This was always the case, since we were younger we were a bad influence on each other.

All it took was a couple of drinks and we'd be almost daring each other to go out; tonight was no exception.

It's like as soon as we have a couple of drinks, all rational thought go out our head. No matter how bad your last hangover was - no matter how ill you were at work last time, you always think this will be different. You almost feel invincible.

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