Once upon a time there was a boy  called Anthony Micheal , he had a dream to make a robot .When he was of 14 years he started to research about how to make robots and when Micheal was of 20 years he made his own robot.His mother and father really appreciated on his work . One day his robot became out of control and started doing many bad things e.g he started to harm people etc . He also harmed Micheal who made him , Micheal just opened the robot and saw that the robot was a villian because a chip was inside his bod which made him a villian .

Micheal researched on it and at last he came to know that a man called James wjo helped him making a robot made villian robots and gave just attached that to robots system . Now  question was that how the robot can be changed from a villian to a friend , Micheal called James and asked him why did u do like this , he said ,"i only make robots which  are villian of humans because  once a human just destroyed my robot and now i want to kill all of the humans."Micheal said"but why all of the humans has not done anything why are u just killing all the humans ,just think."James said, now i come to know that what i did was not good, i am really sorry i will change your robot into a friend not a villian but i will kill that man who killed my robot." , Micheal said ,"ok! but just dont harm anyone else and come and just epair my robot.James came and repaired his robot..

Micheal thanked James that he repaired his robot  and he and his robot lived happily ever after and helped them who had problems...

                                                                                  THE  END <3

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