#14. Finder's Keepers

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Seeing Niko's bloodred eyes would've had most people wondering what the fuck was wrong with him, it would've had most people cowering away from him, like Brian's men wanted to do

One would think that them being around Brian when he was in the similar state, would've prepared them for the shit that they were seeing, but it didn't, and they didn't know how to react to it all

Brian looked up from the Macbook that he had been typing on, to look at Niko. He noticed his eyes, cocked his head to the side, then gave him a head nod, before going back to what he was doing before Niko walked back in

"At least there wasn't a power struggle" Pac said, surprised that a fight didn't break out. But then again, this was the first time that he was dealing with shit like this

Mmapula giggled, "There's no need for a power struggle, he knows how to stay in his lane. He's nothing like Niko" she motioned with her head at Niko

Pac nodded, "Well I guess that's a good thing" he whispered near her ear. Niko's head snapped up, growling at Pac, who held his hands up as he walked away from Mmapula

The commotion had Brian looking up at Niko over the rim of his glasses. One would never guess that Brian had an eye problem, but it's not like he wore his glasses on a regular. Plus, he normally had his contact lenses on, so there was never a need to wear his glasses...except when he was in the state that he was in currently

He cocked his head back so he could look at Pac, who just shrugged, "He doesn't like when niggas talk to what's his" he smirked, "Sounds familiar neh" he clapped his boy's shoulder

Brian shrugged it off him, growling at Pac, "Don't cause trouble" he warned him

Pac mugged him, "I'm not the one who causes trouble everywhere I step" he smacked his teeth, sitting on the spot next to Bri

Brian looked at Pac next to him, "What we got?" He cocked his eyebrow, awaiting Pac's answer

"Oh so now you wanna be nice" Pac mumbled, "You got any new enemies DB?" He looked at Niko, who snapped his head Pac's way, "Cause it looks like someone did his research and found a few things about you. One of them being your precious princess" Pac said

"Who?" Brain asked, looking at Pac disinterested in his conversation with Niko

Pac mugged Brian, "Can you go away, so I can have my boy back, cause you ain't no fun" he said matter of fact, "Anyway, that's the one thing we can't seem to find. The hideout that we thought they would be at seemed to have been abandoned a few weeks ago, which could be around the same time that they took Mona" he leaned forward, placing his elbows at the top of his knees, and clasping his hands together

"But we still don't know who took her" he said with a sigh, "The Hits are working on it" he whispered to Brian

"Well in the meantime, pixie's phone was spotted in this area three days ago, after it hit this cell tower near her place" Brian pointed to the different areas that Mona's phone was last active

One of the few things that people didn't know Brian could do, was tech work. The guy didn't go to school for it or anything, but when he was coming up the ranks as a young thug, he needed to make himself a lot more unique than all the other niggas his age, or closer. Tech work was the best way to do just that

It's not like him dropping out of school was something he wanted to do, especially considering that he was practically an honour student. He was always the kinda nigga who caught on quicker than most kids, so him learning how to hack and all that shit was a walk in the park for him

"You think you can hack into it?" Pac leaned closer to his Macbook, wanting to see what his boy was talking about

Brian moved his head away from the screen, mugging him, "I don't know, but I can try. If I could get the IP address, then maybe this would be easier" he said, using his index finger to push his glasses back towards his face, "It don't help that her phone's off neither" he shook his head in frustration

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