Chapter 33 ~ Decisions

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~ Kaitlyn's POV ~ 

     Do you ever have that one friend in your life that is stupidly stubborn? That one friend you know if it weren't for you they'd be dead by now? That's how it felt having Jade back in my life. It's not like I want to babysit her or follow her around, but she's more than just my friend now. She's the luna of my pack. She has a bigger responsibility now. Unfortunately, her mind is stuck in the past and she can't see that. Plus, if the alpha finds out about this, I'm dead.

     I pulled up to the cafe I had agreed to pick her up at. I waited there for half an hour, but got impatient and decided to go inside. Just to make sure she was alright and they hadn't killed each other over fury. 

     Once inside I realized she was nowhere to be seen. My heart dropped for a second until I picked up her scent and Chloe's. She was definitely here, but where could she have gone? I swear to the moon goddess if Chloe did something I was going to kill her.

     I imminently ran outside and followed Jade's scent, which after a couple of feet separated itself from Chloe's scent. Which means Chloe most likely didn't do anything and Jade probably just walked home. That stupid girl. When can she realize this is all for her own protection?!

     I decide to walk and search for her. She couldn't have gone that far walking. Especially if her scent this strong. Means she was here recently. It also means that any other wolf in the vicinity can smell her scent as well. This means more trouble for me. I just hope wherever she was she was alright.

~ Jade's POV ~

     Sometimes I make the stupidest decisions. Today was no exception. It was simple. I could've just stayed at the cafe and waited for Kaitlyn. I would probably be on a car ride home by now, but no I chose the stubborn and dangerous choice. I chose to walk home by myself. To my defense it was still daylight, but werewolves wouldn't care about that. Especially not the rogue ones.

     " If something happens to me Aiden's going to kill you." 

     " I'm not here to do anything. I'm just here to negotiate with you."

     " Why would I do that?" 

     " Because if you don't a whole pack will die."

     I laughed at this. Both my father's pack and Aiden's pack were the strongest in the U.S. There's no way a pack of rogue could defeat us. Mark could tell by expression what I was thinking. It was his turn to smirk.

     " I know I seem stupid, but I'm actually quite intelligent." He mentioned. I rolled my eyes," Why is that relevant to this conversation?" I asked him annoyed. " Because I know you're smart too. But more than that you also care about others too much. I'm not going after your packs. I'm going after one of the smaller ones. Nevertheless, that's still over hundreds of wolves slaughtered." His declaration made a shiver run down my spine. " You wouldn't do that. You would start a war with an act like that." I told him. He shook his head laughing," I have allies. Plus, if you don't listen to me and everyone finds out I slaughtered hundreds of wolves with you knowing, let's just say whatever allies your little mate was going to gain, they'll quickly become enemies." he said with such confidence I actually started to believe him.

     " Give me one good reason on why I should believe you?" I asked him. There were no reasons for me to believe he's credible. Apart from today, I had never met him. But that scent. The same scent that was on the letter he sent back then when Evan was attacked. It was all too familiar. But I still couldn't take that risk. I don't know what he's capable of. I had hundreds of people's lives in my hands. I had to be smart about this. I don't know how I would feel if these people really died. 

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