Enter: Villain Midoriya

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"Please.... stop.."

"Why should I?" "I've suffered enough ya know" "Ever heard of taking turns?" "It was my turn before, now it's yours~"

The sounds of blood could be heard as it fell to the floor. The air smelled of death and sorrow. The cold chains held together the cuffs that bound an innocent woman.

"Why are you doing this Deku?" "PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!!"

"Madness you say??" "What is your so called madness?"



Midoriya began to laugh maniacally. His laugh was of nightmares and of what children would consider a monster. He looked straight at his victim. His eyes piercing her heart with fear.

"Say goodnight~"

"NO!!!!! PLEASE!!!! ST-"

Before she could finish her sentence her voice was cut a short by a piercing blade. With that, her head was cut clean off. Midoriya watched as her head rolled down and blood went spilling.

"Such a shame for such a beautiful woman." "What a fine wife you could've made for a man." "Alas, you just had to bully me and hurt me in such a way."

Midoriya slowly picked up her head and touched her blood.

"Such a beautiful shade of red." "And it's warm too."

He dropped the head onto the ground and grabbed a test tube.

"It truly wouldn't have ended this way if you hadn't tried to rat me out to All Might."

He let out a sigh and began to let her blood drip out into the test tube.

"You truly thought your quirk could help." "How foolish, your bullets don't affect me." "Especially since those cuffs you were wearing make quirks useless"

With that Midoriya closed the test tube and placed it inside a glass case filled with other tubes of blood. Each labeled after a quirk.

"Your blood may come of use however."

Midoriya left the scene without leaving a trace of his presence.

*time skip till morning*

"We are at the scene of a crime which according to police and some heros; may be one of the worse they've seen yet!"

"The body of a young woman was found today and the style of this murder may be connected to All the previous murders." "Anyone with information is asked to call the police or the heros"

"Please keep your guard up!"

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