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Zayn's point of view

"So where do we start?" I grinned and she smiled.

It feels so good seeing her again with an amazing soft smile.

I've realised something really serious: I love her.

Yes, I used the word. LOVE. I'm surely not stupid enough not to realise this. I'm not the Wattpad characters who realise they love each other only  a few chapters before the book ends!

Else, why was I feeling so sad and broken?  The only sensible reason is "love", even though love is nothing sensible. But... she doesn't love me back, that's certain. So I just have to spend some time with her, without her actually being  my very own cookie, and get her to like me. I hope she will.

Still, there's this problem and I'll just have to either clear it out or  try to hide it. I don't think it will be necessary of me telling her that -

Whatever, let's enjoy the moment.

She motioned me to  come in and I did so.  For a moment, we just stared into each other's eyes, I guessed she was re-living what happened these last times.

She smiled and plopped on her bed, breaking eye contact.

"Soo who's this girl?" She asked and I smirked. She wanted me to say it was her but I won't.

"A very cute and innocent girl" i replied copying my answer given to Mr. Travis when he asked.

"I see...I guess you won't tell me who?" She asked, also playing the game.

"No!" I mimicked her voice and covered my face like she did, pretending to blush.

"Stupid!" I got a flying pillow striking directly in my amazing face.

"I wasn't like that" she pointed out.

"Oh, yes you were" i laughed.


Aha I remember something.

"You're right, you weren't. Sorry, it's my Cookie who was like that" i said and she frowned.

After a long sigh, she asked:"Now what do you want to learn?"

"I learnt that my Cookie and you are really close so you should know what she likes, right?" I asked.

"Uhh she likes... um... I don't know. Anyway, let me teach you how to pray first." she said and I nodded.

"Teach me; how do I pray?" I asked.

Actually, I knew how to. I just forgot everything we had to say in it. I just remember it was like some yoga thing.

"No first you have to gain some Imaan more and that's how  it goes..." she said and started explaining me some things while I listened intently.

The door suddenly flung open after  an hour.

"NAWSH-oh." Her friend Alicia came in and stopped dead when she saw me.

Sally came just after.

"WE-oh." Same reaction.

Sally cleared her throat, "Well, sorry to disturb, have a good time and Nawsheen, can you come and practise lacrosse whe you've finished?"

Cookie nodded while supressing a smile.

"Oh and a little tip: don't be too loud!" Alicia said and banged the door shut, escaping a pillow from Cookie. Haha. The dirty-minded friend.

After some more time, I was feeling heavy. It was all becaue she explained everything so well that I felt bad for everything I did. It's like everything was aiming at me. Time's up now.

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