Shrek x Tinky-Winky

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*Lemon Alert*
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*Daddy Kink*

Shrek looks over at the figure that was at the end of the dark alleyway. The tall, dark, and luminous figure slowly started to approach Shrek. Needless to say... Shrek was scared, he had never seen such a tall and inhuman creature. The figure slowly started to come into the light, it's undefined cheekbones and large (kind of beady) eyes on full show.

Shrek slowly started to back away hoping and praying that... Thing.... Didn't see him. The creature ran, enclosing Shrek against the wall, in his arms. The creature tilted it's head looking dead into Shrek's eyes, The creature caressed Shrek's cheek slowly leaning in.... "My name is not important, but you can call me... Daddy."

Shrek was appalled... But oddly turned on by this 10 foot creature, that was known only as Daddy. Daddy looked around for a moment before pressing his soft, monkey looking lips onto Shrek's. Shrek didn't resist, pressing his lips harder against Daddy's, his tongue slithering in, wrapping this creature's tongue in his.

Shrek enjoyed this, he knows this is wrong but he can't help but give into temptation. Daddy lifted Shrek in his arms, Shrek wrapping his fat legs around Daddy's purple body. Daddy deepened the kiss even more, pressing himself onto Shrek, grinding into this mysterious purple being.

Shrek knew if he were to go back this was his last chance, but he decided to keep going, to see how far (how talented) Daddy was. Daddy then went down Shrek's chin to his meaty throat, kissing and sucking wherever he could. "Are you sure you want alllll this?" Daddy seductively whispered down Shrek's ear. "Yes I want you to ravage me... Daddy." Shrek moaned out. Daddy slowly tore Shrek's potato-sack shirt off, kissing down his chest. Shrek really was enjoying how well Daddy was teasing him right now, but what he really wanted was for this creature to shove it's cock so far up his ass until he wouldn't be able to feel his legs at all.

"You know I can read your mind, you fat dumpling." Daddy said as Shrek moaned out due to the consistent kissing from Daddy. Daddy couldn't hold back anymore, what happened next was history. Daddy unzipped his bodysuit quickly stepping out as he toyed with his Shrek's nipples. Shrek had moaned out in ecstasy, throwing his head back. Daddy was on his knees, for one of the first times in his 10 foot life, slowly sucking and slurping all around Shrek's slit. Shrek wanted to pull away, but something in his mind told him its not the time to pull back... Keep going... Full force. A few minutes later (not lasting long at all) Daddy stood up swallowing the last of Shrek's hot seed and started making out with Shrek once again, Shrek moaning in delight.

"Oh my dumpling, I read your mind... I will keep going, full force too."

Daddy licked his fingers putting one up Shrek's ass, he screamed in pain, slowly adding another and gently scissoring him to stretch his tight muscle, as Shrek slowly started to moan again. Shrek was hurting... But it was pleasure that took over. Shrek was ready. Daddy was definitely ready. Daddy slowly slide in Shrek, both screaming in ecstasy. Daddy knew that this was wrong... Stalking someone in a dark alley- way and then raping the smol bean, it sounded foul. But his dumpling said yes, so Daddy continued, now pounding hard, almost inhumane.

Shrek's ass was ripped by now but the pleasure was surreal. His prostate being pounded and abused while his screams of pleasure could be heard blocks away, he was now more than ready for his sweet release. A woman across the road was now filing a noise complaint but they couldn't hear her nor did they care.

Shrek came, he came hard. All over the brick wall screaming as he was filled with many sensations. Daddy came too. Filling Shrek's ass full with his unnatural amount of semen spurting out his 12 inch cock.

They both came down from their highs. Shrek offered to go to his apartment. Daddy obliged, once there, eating a whole bag of Doritos and earning many more noise complaints as the night went on.

Co-written by: _emilu

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