What a drag

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Snow's POV

I'm Snow Summers,17 years old,I was born on Tokyo but right now I'm currently living in Manila. Right now I'm heading to hell,my definition of school,don't get me wrong I don't hate studying in fact I love it,you'll find out later on why is it hell for me.

"My lady we are here already." My driver interrupted my thoughts

"Okay thanks for the ride." I said to my driver as I get off the car

"The illegitimate child is here."

"She obviously doesn't belong here duh!"

"Whatever she does to herself,a commoner is always a commoner!"

"Seeing her everyday is so disgusting that it makes me wanna puke!"

I just shrugged my shoulders as I walk passed them.
I always find it amusing how people judges someone they barely know,why can't they just shut the hell up and stop their dirty mouths on running some stupid shits!

I enter the classroom with my poker face on not minding everyone's glare. For 6 months that I'm in this school, I'm used of their stupid and foolish whims and threats.

"Oh our little toy is here at last,I thought I'll be bored to death."
Oh yeah here comes,mirror mirror on the school whose the bitchest of them all.

"What do you want?" I looked at my back and saw the F4 a.k.a Foolish 4.

"We don't need anything, we want you darling."

"Stop the chase Emily,and state what you want." Tss this bitch I know what she wants,she just want me to make her an assignment how stupid.

"Do my assignments,and I want it done five minutes from now!" The bitch says with a smug on her face and a brow raised twenty feet upwards.

"No!" I said flatly with my face void of any emotions

"What did you say?" Emily asks with a pissed expression in her face. She looks likes a witch when she's pissed trust me haha

"Maybe you should see a doctor,looks like your eardrums are heavily damaged,Im kinda worried." *notes the sarcasms here*

"You.....you! Who the fvck do you think you are!? As far as we know,you are just nothing but an illegitimate child. Don't act as if you are on the same society as I'am,you are nothing but a commoner!"

That commoner and illegitimate child again. *sigh* Where the hell did they get that from,definitely not from my dictionary.

"Commoner,illegitimate child where did you get that information from?"

Like seriously? I'm the only child of the Summers family, how did I become illegitimate?

"And I dont need to act like I belong in this society coz Im born with it,so tell me, how come Im an illegitimate child?"
Now it's my turn to raise a brow

"It's way to simple,the daughter of the Summers family is named Aki not Snow."
Emily answered with a smirk on her face and I heard her fellow bitches laughs,but I just ignored them.

"I see" sheez I feel like my temper looses down and I feel like my cheeks reddened, not becoz of embarrassment but for suppressing my laughter. I can't believe that this people are that stupid haha. Aki is a Japanese term of winter and what can you find in winter,isn't it snow?

I can't take this anymore,I laugh hard not minding the pissed expression in Emily's face.

My laughter suddenly stopped when I felt a stinging pain,Emily the bitch slapped me and her bitch friend is groping my precious hair. I remained calm and just let them do what they want to do with me. They pour water on my uniform and throws papers at me. I didn't react any further, but what they said next makes my blood boiled in too much anger.

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