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Y/n's POV

"Y/n are you coming to the barrens today?" Richie asks.

"I can't, I just remembered my cousin is coming to live with me and my dad and I'm gonna have to help him move in." I remember.

"Oh." Richie replied.

"It's o-ok Y/n." Bill said the guys nodding.

"Thanks for understanding guys." I wave and made my way home.

I had to walk since I didn't have my bike.

My cousin Nick, was moving in with me and my dad today, and I had to be there to help him move in because dad won't be home till night.

I takes me a few minutes to get home but finally make it, it was so hot today, whyyyy.

I put my backpack in my room and go downstairs to wait for Nick.

While I wait for Nick to get here, I play around with Scooby and cuddle around the living room carpet texting friends from back home.

I hear the doorbell ring and know exactly who it was, I get up walking to the door and opened it.


"Y/n!" We ran up to each other and hugged tightly.

Me and Nick are very close.

He's like my big brother since he's only one year older then me and I have no siblings.

(Y/n's cousin Nick, zamnnnnn 🤤💍💫🥰💗💖💕❤️💋 his smile is literally everything💫💕💗💕❤️🥰😍💋)

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(Y/n's cousin Nick, zamnnnnn 🤤💍💫🥰💗💖💕❤️💋 his smile is literally everything💫💕💗💕❤️🥰😍💋)

"Oh my god Y/n I've missed you so much." Nick mumbles.

"I missed you too." I reply.

"So how was Cali like when I was gone?" I asked while we got a box each from his neighbors truck, he only had a few things since only he was the only one moving in.

"I mean it was something." He replied chuckling making me giggle.

"Thanks Jack." Nick thanked his neighbor who was the one that gave him a ride all the way from Cali.

"It's all good Nick." Nick gave Jack money for the long ride.

He accepted it probably because he needed the money for gas and he left me and Nick making our way into the house.

"Scooby!" Nick put the box down carefully and Scooby ran to Nick happy to see him again.

They played for a while and I went to put his stuff in his new room.

The only reason why Nick's moving in with us is because his parents died in a car accident and had no one except for us.

My dad gladly excepted him in our home so now basically he is my brother.

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