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Dear Smartasses,

         On my list I was asked to do all of them.

Thanks that_problem_child go die in a pit of hell fire.

     So this is why I call y'all "Smartasses." I like to talk back. Like a lot. So I get called a "Smart-aleck, a lot. And my name is Alec my middle name starts with a K. So there is my username.

      I have been on this account for a very little amount of time, but I used it ALL the time. I found that most people reading are

A) Sassy
B) Awesome
C) Extremely in love with backtalking.

So I was like "Smartasses"! Because you probably like being Smartasses. And my father calls me a Smartasses whenever I get a chance to talk to him.

That's all for today.
With hate

  With hateSmart_AlecK

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