Yeah, bit of an overblown topic and I have talked about this before but I'm taking a different direction with this because my opinion has changed a bit over the years about this.

Let me put this way: Unless you specifically state that a character will be OOC in your fanfic, there should be absolutely no reason why the character in your fanfic should be totally different from their canon personalities.

The thing about writing OOC is that there's a very fine line between making the characters OOC, simply because you are changing a part of their personality, whether it's drastic or small.

The balance I'm talking about is that they need to somwhat resemble the canon version of the character you're writing. Because if they don't, you might as well be writing a character of your own with only the name in common.

But on the other hand, despite some of the challenges, I feel like this should also be encouraged. Writing OOC can be fun because it allows you as a writer to explore the darker or more optimistic side of a character. It does challenge you to be creative and despite there being a limit to how far you can change a character, it's an extremely fun activity to exercise your brain to think and stretch.

For example in my story, Mysterious Fates, if I wanted to explore the darker sides of the characters in the story, I totally can and would. If I wanted to see how Bailey Pickett would be like if I made her act like a bitch, I totally can because it makes you think on how despicable you can make a character. (Sidenote: I won't make Pickett a bitch, but it's an interesting way to think about a character.)

And yes, while I have complained about numerous Fairy Tail fanfics have an OOC Lisanna Strauss, its primarily because those stories have failed to realize what made Lisanna as a character. Therefore its OOC in a bad way because they tend to ignore her canon character traits. Intentionally writing OOC means that you amplify a trait that you think might be interesting to see while acknowledging their canon personality. In the end, that's what makes fanfiction so interesting: you get to explore.

Tl;dr: Let people write their stories, OOC or not. We can't always dictate what people do or otherwise it just one big pile of negativity that we honestly don't need.

Pretty short, I know. But for a topic like this it's probably for the best.

And I decided to throw out the Ori in the Blind Forest rant because I just simply couldn't come up with new material and say what people have already said. Boku no Hero Academia is still being worked on, only god knows when I'll finish it. Either way, I think I'll truly end this book in about a couple chapters, simply because most of my earlier rants in this book are starting to become outdated, and I can't keep editing them everytime.

Until the next one, Sayonara!

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