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Rat; *dabs*

AkaBrowny: *dabs with bam*

Rat: *dabs again*

JaeBull; *slaps the shit out of u*

SunBae: *stops jaebum and gives him a hug*

JYP; *grabs the three of u by the ear and leads u to the bathroom*

Jacksonofanass: *makes out with mark*

Market: *moans*

AkaBrowny: *gags*

Rat: *faints*

SunBae: *cries*

JaeBull: *hugs youngjae*

AkaBrowny: *faints with Bammie*

Jyp: *gets rid of them*

Jacksonofanass: *still making out with mark*

Market: *takes the make out session to the next level*

JaeBull: *takes photo*

SunBae: *pushes Bummie into the pool*

JaeBull: *drowns and dies*

JYP: *gets tf outta here*

Market: *cuddles Jackson*

Jacksonofanass: *kisses Mark's nose*

Market: *blushes*

AkaBrowny: *comes back to life with bam*

SunBae: *brings JaeBum back to life*

Rat: *whips*

JYP: *comes back to check on his children*

Jacksonofanass: is no one talking bout how me and mark just announced out relationship?

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