Pink Flower

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Writer's P

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Writer's P.O.V

It was a normal day at the Fairy Tail guild, nothing out of the usual happening, magic flying every which way, knocked out mages covering every couple inches of the floor, some from excessive drinking(from battles with Cana) and overs because Natsu or Grey had hit them. Erza was in the ladies room and hadn't yet come out to separate the brawl her friends were holding. The only celestial mage in the guild was sitting at the bar, talking to the notorious match maker, Mirajane, or Mira for short.

"How much do you think Erza will hurt them two today?" she questioned her friend, sparing a glace at the pink haired fire dragon slayer and the, yet again, shirtless ice magic make mage, "I mean they have destroyed the guild hall yet again" she added, giggling at the end.

"Erza always has a surprise in store, only Mavis could know." Mirajanes sweet voice answered, the smile never leaving her face.

"Well whatever it is, I hope that she goes easy on them, we do have a mission coming up." the blonde sighed and laid her head on the bar counter, smiling when she saw the pink mark contrasting against her pale hand. Mirajane relaxed when she saw that Lucy was just relaxing and looked upon the rest of her guild mates and a feeling of happiness overtook her being. She was happy that this was where she ended up, even after what had happened.

Erza had left the bathroom by now and was searching for the two trouble makers, Natsu Dragneel and Grey Fullbuster. Her footsteps shaking the bones of fallen guild mates and silencing any left standing. The aura she was producing could kill a dragon and this was before she had found the two. 

Lucy and Mirajane looked on in curiosity to see what the 'Queen of the Fairies' had in mind for the two as she stomped closer, only a couple yards from the two now. When 'Titania' halted before the two she grabbed the two by the head and smashed them together, leaving them both with a massive lump on their forehead. After dropping both of them to the ground she strolled over to the bar and took the seat next to Lucy.

"Lucy, how has your experience been so far?" Erza questioned the young lady beside her. Lucy has only been at Fairy Tail for a couple weeks, maybe a month now, but she was loving the feel of everything, not once had she been told to behave like a proper lady, or forced to wear over-the-top dresses. The redhead took the smile as her answer and showed one back. 

Not too long after the fight had stopped, Makarov(the master of Fairy Tail) stepped out onto the balcony and overlooked his children. Walking down the steps and murmuring to himself about the mass of letters from the Magic Council, he took a seat on the bar's counter and asked Mira for a drink and in reply she smiled and walked off to get it. 

"Hello Master" Erza greeted and Lucy waved from her position, he nodded to the two and greatly accepted his drink from the barmaid.

"Child, has anything new happened, apart from fights of course?" The question flew to anyone willing to answer, but before they could Levy came barging in through the doors and collapsed to the floor, a panting mess. Lucy heard the doors opening and saw what happened, she jumped with a start and ran to her friend's aid. 

"Levy! Levy, please tell me you're okay! What happened? Who did this to you? Where are they now?" The flurry of questions left her mouth as the other guild members stared in shock. Who would hurt Levy? What reason would they have behind it? 

Well, they all knew one thing, whoever it was would be in for a world of pain when they catch them. Well that's what they hoped would happen, but they don't know who caused Levy to be like this, do they?

At this point in time, they had no healers in the guild and the only healer was a couple miles away. Fairy Tail didn't know if Levy could last that long, they didn't know if Levy had to fight and lost a lot of magic power, or if she was attacked and had to run away, and if so they didn't know for how long she had to run.

The doors creaked behind Lucy and the exhausted Levy and the guild looked between the two. Lucy moved to be in front of her friend and the guild got into a stance, ready to unleash their magic on the enemy. But who came through surprised them.

It was a teen girl, around seventeen-eighteen with golden hair, falling down in curls to a shell shape and ending at her lower back. She had honey gold eyes that shimmered with life and curiosity. Her nose was small and button-like, her small lips were rose gold of colour and sprinkled with reflected light. The strangers head was small and curved from ears to form a cutely pointed chin. She had smaller tangles of hair framing her face and bangs. Directly in the middle of her forehead was a small rose quartz diamond, it sat in her fringe and shimmering in the sunlight, casting light all around the guild.

In her hair, there were two pink water lilies placed delicately to sit on the curve of her head, one of the flowers above the other one. Tied to the bottom of them was a decorative light purple ribbon. 

Her clothes consisted of a style like a yukata but cut into a bralet and a skirt. The bralet was the colour of light lavender and had a doubled up gold trim around the bottom. The underlayer was that of a light blue. Around her neck was a singular piece of rope and attacked at the bottom was a golden bell that jingled with every movement.

For her skirt it came to a stop at her thighs around the front but carried on around the back, falling to her heels. The design was simple, pink water lilies and cherry blossoms. On her waist sat a golden belt of sorts, it formed an oval at the centre and in that sat a small gold crystal, above the oval, a gold semi-circle reached up. She wore traditional geta on her feet, the wood a light colour and the strap was a light purple.

For sleeves the girl had the same design that was tied above her elbow with a golden rope, they flowed down to her wrist and stopped there. The very top started just below her shoulder and had a doubled up gold trim with light blue crystal hanging from it. 

What Lucy found surprising was the fact that this stranger had nine tails and fox ears in place of human ears, was this girl a monster or was she just a kitsune?

Lucy stared at the possible threat to Fairy Tail with confusion and anger, was she the one who did this Levy? And if so, why did she do it? 

Lucy turned to the guild behind her and looked on in bewilderment as they stood in silence, some had fallen into a seated position and just stared wide eyed and open mouthed at the door. Even the master had fallen silent and looked at the girl at the door in surprise. Some guildmates had tears in their eyes and other just couldn't stop shaking. When Lucy looked at the girl again she was starting to move into the centre of everyone. Every step was graceful and elegant like this girl was a person of higher standing, that could also explain why people looked so shocked to see her. She turned to Lucy and smiled before looking around the guild again as if to search for someone. 

"If you're looking for them two" Master spoke up, "They're not here as of yet, they should be soon though I believe" this caused the girl to frown and tear up a bit causing everyone rush to her side, even the thought to be knocked out Levy, who also ran up to the person.

The girl calmed down and looked for someone and when she spotted them she looked at them with such amazement that you would've thought she was her child. The still unknown person grabbed the brown haired girl into her arms and held her close, weeping again but with happiness this time, Cana let the girl cry into her shoulder.

"That's when something wild..." Cana started to help calm the being holding her, she nodded and lifted her face, a smile now breaking through.

"Calls you home." she finished.

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