Two Loves Gone

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Two Loves Gone

Jay Tomlinson. Louis Tomlinson.

They only have each other.

Scarred together.

Charlotte, Felicite, Daisy and Phoebe had died in a car accident they were all involved in; Jay and Louis being the only ones to survive.

They're both living a hard life.

With Jay having no job, One Direction being split up and Louis incrimating for murder and drugs.

But pleading he's innocent.

"Mum," Louis yawns from upstairs while Jay is boiling the kettle. "Where's Lot-" Louis stops and realises what he just said. He was so used to saying that. Almost everyday he thinks that they're still alive.

Jay ignores what he says and prepares the Yorkshire tea for Louis.

"I'm sorry," Louis sits at the barstool and reaches for his teacup. "For saying that..." He rubs his eyes before wrapping his fingers around the handle and pulling it near his arm.

"Don't worry baby, it's not your fault." Jay pours the boiling water into his teacup, and Louis stares at it with sad eyes.

"It is my fault, mum!" Louis jerks from his seat, practically screaming at her. "I'm the one who got drunk and tried to convince you that I wanted to pick you up from the theatre!" A tear trickles down his face and buries himself in his hands.

"Lou, please-"

"Mum," Louis raises his head from his hands. "It's too much!" He cries, "I'm getting accused of murder and doing drugs as well! You know how close I am to jail?" His voice lowers to a whisper, and he just stares into her eyes, trying to look for an answer, but it's impossible.

The whole house is silent for the first time.

No fighting or screaming from Daisy and Pheobe.

No footsteps of Felicite pacing back and forth in the corridor when she's trying to search for an answer in her homework.

No near-breakups conversations or typing coming from Charlotte's bedroom.

"I'm sorry!" Louis whispers and puts 2 fingers to both of his temples and slowly moves them in circles. "You know I'm sorry!"

"Louis, are you alright?" Jay stares at him curiously as he looks around. Jay always wanted to know what goes on in his mind, but she tried her best not to admit it.

"They're coming for me," Tears well up in Louis' used-to-be ocean blue eyes, now a grey-dark blue colour. "Mum, help me, she told me they're coming!"

"Louis! Tell me who!" Jay shouts at him and grabs him by the shoulders. All she wishes for is for this nightmare to end.

"Them," Louis whispers and tears plunge down his face, and looks at the door. A loud knock is at the door, and Louis looks at Jay straight in the eyes. "Don't let them in, they're going to take me away. No matter what you do, don't let them in," He orders, and another knock is at the door. His arms snake under hers, and he pulls her into a tight embrace. "I love you." Louis whispers in her ear, and pulls away before sprinting upstairs.

The knock is even louder and more harsh. "Mrs. Tomlinson, we demand you to open this door right now!" The voice shouts.

There is muttering at the door, and the door bursts open. Jay holds in a scream and she jumps off the bar stool. Freeze!" The policeman shout and they point the gun at her. Her arms shoot up. Their eyes are locked while they make their way up the stairs.