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Damien's P.O.V.

"What?" I blink mouth hanging open.

"Dad, I'm pregnant." Hope says again.


"He's being melodramatic, leave him." Blaire says hugging Hope.


"Melodramatic, daddy." Hope says rolling her eyes as she smiles.

"Where are the kids?" She asks seconds later.

"Upstairs, Brian is not here." Blaire replies.

"Of course not, he seems to never be here when I decide to visit."

"How did you let yourself get pregnant, Hope?"

"Babe, she's 26, married and has a career, what more do you want? You expected her not to have any kids?"

"I didn't want her to have kids so soon. Who's going to be my other little girl?"

"Daddy, you have Monique and Paris. They still have a few long years of being your little girls, Brian, he's old, so." Long years, Mo, has 8 more years, and Paris has 4. They'll be gone before I know it, too.

"Hey, I'm not old, only 17. You're the old one" I hear Brian. When from Hope hears him she turns and faces him.

"Shut it ugly. Guess what? I'm pregnant" Hope says happily as she gets tucked into a hug from Brian.

"Congratulations, sis. Where's Hayes?"

"He's working, he wanted to be here, but couldn't take the day off." I hear footsteps and then my girls' heads pop into the kitchen.

"Did I hear correctly? You're prego?" Paris asks. Hope nods and then get tackled into a hug.

"YAY! I'm going to be an auntie." she yells jumping and then dancing around the kitchen.

"How far are you?" I ask ignoring the rest of the happy people.

"Farther than expected. 5 months. I started feeling sick about a week ago and I thought it was food poisoning or something so I went to the hospital and boom, pregnant." I look at her stomach but you could barely tell she's 5 months pregnant.

"Do you know what you're having?" I can't believe, my baby girl is expecting. I feel like tears well up in my eyes.

"Yeah, a girl." She says hugging me.

"Please, be happy, daddy" She whispers into my ear.

"I am, baby girl. I just- I can't accept, you can say that you're an adult and having a family for yourself. I'm happy, I promise." I say pulling apart and kissing her cheek.

"Good, because I would hate to disappoint you."


"Group hug" Blaire yells and then I feel myself get squished between these goofballs I call my family.

"Call Jaz and tell her." I say once we all pull apart. The kids leave us in the kitchen, while they go do something that will probably piss me off; most likely Paris and Brian. Hope turns and pretends to look inside the cabinets.

"What are you not telling us?" I asked lifting my brow. Blaire is staring at her suspiciously too.

"Aunt Jazzie, knows?" She says.


"What?" Blaire and I ask at the same time.

"What? I needed someone to go with me. Hayes was working and I didn't want to give him false hope like I once did and I needed a woman next to me, not my daddies." False hope?

"I guess I get it." Blaire says hugging Hope and kissing the top of her head. He always gets things, unlike me. Ugh, why does he have to be this perfect understanding human I love so much?

"Is Hayes happy about this?" I get an eye roll from Blaire and a laugh out of Hope.

"Of course, daddy. We're working on names and already bought a few things. He's ecstatic. They're his children, of course, he happy." She grins.

"Better be." I say under my breath earning a laugh out of the two people in front of me.

"Oh, daddy, you'll never change." Hope says walking over to me and hugging me.

Kind of miss this story and it hasn't been a week, so I decided on a short bonus chapter. What did you think? Damien doesn't change with his attachment issues. He doesn't know how to let go after so many years.

Yes, they did adopt 3 more kids, Brian(17), Paris(14) and Monique(10). And no, Damien and Blaire didn't adopt them this old, they raised them from a young age. Brian being 7-years-old, Paris 4-years-old, and Mo is a month old. Brian is not related to Paris and Mo. Paris and Mo are sisters!

Let me know what you think, and yeah, what do you think Hope is going to name her twins? Blaire always so understanding it annoys Dame a little and how about Jaz knowing before anyone?

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