Chapter Two

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Twenty minutes later, I sat at my desk responding to emails when Addison texted me. We were supposed to meet up to go over last minute details before her wedding.

Before I could reply, Faye's voice interrupted my thoughts. "Mr. Buchanan would like to see you in his office."

Setting my phone down, I left the office to see what possibly could have happened since the meeting. Mr. Buchanan was supposed to be out to lunch, but he must have skipped it today. Walking into his office, the first thing I noticed was that he was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, a very tight t-shirt.

"Miss Hamilton, please take a seat." He said, motioning to the chair across from him. He waited patiently for me to get comfortable before continuing. "I asked you here because there is a charity event I am attending this evening and I need someone to go with me."

This was definitely not what I was expecting. Mr. Buchanan rarely attended charity events and he certainly didn't request that I attend with him. "May I ask, what event this is?"

He seemed to tense up when I spoke. "It's a basketball game at a local high school and the proceeds are being donated to cancer research."

Cancer research, since when was he worried about cancer? "That sounds like a wonderful event, but no offense why me?"

He leaned forward clasping his hands in front of him on the desk. "Well, I can't go alone and since you're my assistant I thought you'd love the idea of helping me give back to charity. If it is a problem please let me know, Miss Hamilton."

"No, no it's not a problem." I spoke trying to steady my voice, which wasn't working. Going to a charity event with my boss was not something I bargained for. "I'll just have to go home and get changed."

Suddenly, he was no longer frowning. In fact, he looked quite happy. "Take the rest of the day off and I will pick you up at six." With that statement, he turned back to his computer without as much as a goodbye.


Standing in my bedroom, I had no clue what I was supposed to wear to a basketball charity event with my boss. He hadn't given me any specific details about the event. Normally, I scheduled the events he was supposed to attend, but I was clueless how this event got on his schedule. After my meeting with him, I talked with Faye, but she knew nothing of it either.

When my phone rank, I ceased searching for an outfit to wear. Without looking at the caller ID I answered. "Hello,"

"OMG Cassie, I texted you hours ago, but you never responded." Addison whined through the phone. Since my meeting with Mr. Buchanan, I'd forgotten she'd texted me. "Are we still meeting on Wednesday?"

"Yes, of course. And sorry about not texting you back, my boss called me into his office."

"You're not in trouble are you?"

I had to laugh at that. Of course, Addison automatically thought I was in trouble even though she was the wild one out of the two of us. "Me trouble? Never, you're the wild child."

"Not anymore since I'm with Shane now." Although, she didn't know the mention of his name caused my heart to sink. "Hey, I'm sorry girl, but speak of the devil he just walked in. Love ya."

After getting off the phone, I felt even worse. As much as I love her, sometimes Addison is so clueless. Which reminds me, I'm just as clueless when it comes to this charity event. Mr. Buchanan's sudden interest in charity took me off guard this afternoon, but not as much as him inviting me to attend it with him. Glancing at the clock, I had a half hour before he was supposed to pick me up.

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