Chapter One

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I will never know why I agreed to this. It was as if I enjoyed tormenting myself. Dammit, I hadn't been able to focus on anything lately with Addison's upcoming nuptials on my mind. My boss, Nathan Buchanan would be angry with me because of the PowerPoint being deleted. I'd be royally screwed if everything weren't ready for the meeting in an hour.

Faye, my co-worker invited me to join her for lunch twenty minutes later, but with already being behind on stuff I couldn't afford to stop working. Although, my stomach wouldn't let me forget how hungry I was. In those twenty minutes, I'd redone the PowerPoint, but was now organizing last minute details for the meeting.

"Miss Hamilton, I expect to see you in my office in five minutes." Mr. Buchanan already sounded like he was pissed. "And make sure Faye got my coffee like I requested."

Regardless of the fact that I loved my job, working for a man like Mr. Buchanan was difficult. Often he expected us to know what he wanted without him ever having to say a word. Poor, Faye was like his personal gofer.

With everything ready and coffee in hand thanks to Faye being prepared as always, I pressed the button on the elevator. Mr. Buchanan's office was on the fourth floor of the building. The only time I ever saw him was when I was summoned. Other than that, I tried my best to avoid all possible interaction with him.

"Hello, Cassie." My other co-worker, Logan joined me. He looked like he'd just been running, but knowing him he probably was. Logan is Mr. Buchanan's best friend, which is how he still had a job. "How are you?"

"Good, just taking everything for the meeting that's in a half hour."

His smile was contagious even though I didn't really have anything to smile about. "I'm sure the meeting will go great. You know, Nate thinks you're one of the best employees." Logan's use of Mr. Buchanan's first name still caught me off guard despite knowing they were buddies.

"Thanks, Logan." I sure hoped he was right because this meeting was very important. A few months ago, Mr. Buchanan announced his plans for buying another company. Today was a meeting with the owners of that other company. "Well, here's our stop."

Logan waved goodbye as I disappeared down the hallway. Logan's office was on the same floor as Mr. Buchanan's, but at the opposite end of the hall. Mr. Buchanan's voice could be heard on the phone just as I approached. He had his back to me talking as I opened the door. He didn't even turn around when I took my seat and placed his coffee on the desk. From behind, Mr. Buchananlooked much less intimidating.

"Sounds great I will talk to you later." He must have sensed my presence as he ended the phone call and spun around in his chair. "And I ensure everything is ready for the meeting, Miss Hamilton."

I nodded, but from the look on his face, he expected more. "I believe so."

"You believe so?" He sipped his coffee as he thought over my answer. "I hope you realize you get paid to ensure everything is ready not just to assume." His deep voice sent chills throughout my body. I picked the nail polish off as a way to help calm my nerves. Hopefully, he wouldn't notice. "And if you aren't sure about your work, I'm sure there are plenty of recent grads that would love to replace you."

He'd never mentioned replacing me before. I'd started working for Buchanan Corporation nearly three months ago and during the initial interview he seemed rather pleasant. Now, not so much. No wonder I'd heard rumors that his last assistant had left after only a month. Despite, not working one on one with him, he considered me his assistant along with Logan. He needed more than one assistant because he let Logan slack off.

Before either one of us could say anything else, Faye's voice came over the intercom. "Mr. Buchanan everyone is here for your meeting."

"Alright, please send them up." He said as he slipped on a blazer, which he discarded on the back of a chair. "Are you coming?"

I didn't expect to attend the meeting. Normally, Logan and him were the only ones present during meetings. "Yes, of course." I followed behind smoothing out my skirt.

The meeting was rather uneventful. Mr. Buchanan's spoke most of the time while I sat silently next to Logan. My nails, which Addison panted, were nearly chipped off by the time the meeting was over. I'd have to make sure I didn't mess with my nails at the wedding. Manicures aren't cheap.

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