Yoy Just Haven't had Enough...Right? Chapter 4

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"You sure Mom?" I asked kinda hoped that she was.

"Yes, Carlynda. You and Shane go have fun, I will take care of Rea."

"But I wanna stay with Carlynda!!" shouted Rea protesting.

"Rea, you know how you like to be alone with your friends sometimes?" asked Shane as he squatted to eye level with her as she tugges at her dirty blonde almost pinky curlys, with her chocolate brown eyes that clearly said she was upset.

"Yeah.."she finally replied looking at him with a confused look.

"Well, Carlynda wants to do that right now. She doesn't get to do it very often, so do you think you could let her go?" asked Shane who was in a beggin stance that made Rea laugh.

"Ok as long as you dont break her heart!" she warned and showed her fist.

Shane acted scared by gettting up and jumping back and said in a pleading voice, " I promise her heart won't be broken! I will make as whole as possible!! I promise!"

Rea giggled and nodded then walked away with Mom. When they were far enough away I bursted out laughing I almost fell on the floor and with Shane acting, well Shane, it didn't make it any better. We walked around and sang while doing little dances(sometimes dramatic) to the songs. I saw Little World and nearly dragged Shane there.

I needed a dress for the homecoming dance that was coming up. While we were in the store the cashier who knew about the break up, well, everyone did actually, saw me with Shane smiled knowing I found a keeper. This older woman was like a grandma to me, she did everything for me from baking goodies to making me a special dress! I don't know if she does it for anyone else but she sometimes treats me like i am higher up on the totom poll than which I find REALLY weird. I looked at dress section hunting down for my dress. See I am a try and buy kind of girl, I try on a articl of clothing and if I can find something that matches and stays in the price range then i buy it. I don't try on fifty things just to find the right thing. I look and if it catches my eye and fits me i buy it.

As i scanned the rack of dresses Shane was on the opposite side and was pretending to be a preppy girl. I was laughing the whole time and everyone was looking at us with a smile, they weren't looking cause we were loud cause we weren't they looked out of pure curiosity. On the radio the song Drive By by Train, which is an awesome song, Shane started to dance and goof off. Though his goof off dancing and his real dancing are amazing which makes me nervous, because i am not so good at dancing at all.

I found a dress that I liked and forturnently, Shane wasn't looking so I dashed into the dressing room. The dress was a halter strapped and was all shinning purple to the waist then from there it was all black feathers that were thick then thinned out to just past the knees. I found these converse, yes I am going to wear converse to the dance, that were black with shiny laces and decided to get them now. Yeah it might not match, but that is kinda my thing, just wear what i tkink will look good. I slipped out of the dressing room and asked the cashier to put my dress and shoes in a bag and hide them while i went to look for acceries and perfums. I found this pair of black, sparkly, dangle and small circular earrings they were simple and I liked them so now they are mine. My favorite thing I found was the sparkly lip gloss it was SO cool so I got that too.

 I turn around to see Shane still dancing obliviouse to the world. At first I wondered what he would do when he went to homecoming with me and found out I couldn't dance? I pushed the thought aside and went to the cashier bought everything and told Shane it was time to leave. As we exited the building Shane said he was going to get a drink and asked if I wanted anything. I said no and sat down on the bench where I always sit when I am watching Rea at the park. I saw some kids toy stuck in a branch so I got up to go get it for him. When I got and gave it to him I slipped on water and fell forward,into someone's chest.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Just be careful." said a voice that ran a chill through me, a voice that made me smile, a voice that was there for me, a voice that loved me like I loved it, a voice that broke my heart into a million pieces. I look up to see Ashton who didn't seem...normal or at rest at all. Out of instict I was going to ask him what was wrong, but he had already walked away to be replaced by Shane. Who had an expression that said it all. He was wondering what happened.

Unlike alot of girls who just say it is nothing I tell them. After all if I want him to answer shouldn't I treat him the same? I told him the everything from begining to end, he listened and nodded. Shane already knew about Ashton, but didnt know him perosnally or apperance. As soon as Shane came to my school Ashton left, I find this kinda and keep it in mind everyday. I some times think that maybe Ashton broke up with me because Shane showed up, what if Shane was a threat to Ashton, to my family or me? You might think that is crazy, but if you saw the look in Ashoton's eyes and body language when we were together, he was happiest guy in the world, when we broke up he was beyond miserable. Now I am not saying for my ego, it is just I saw and could tell how he felt. I don't need to ask somebody if they like me or not because I somehow know, it could be someone on the street that I said hi and chatted for like two minutes and I could tell they liked me! It is actually nice thing to have but really frusterated to go to a friend and something in your head screams, "THEY LIKE YOU ALOT!!!! THEY WANNA TASTE YOUR LIPS AND FU-" you get the idea. So I guess I can read the heart and the mind if i wanted too, but reading the heart right now is enough for me.

"Well, that is weird.." Shane mummbled as he ran his fingers through his hair thinking about what I told him. He kinda acted like it was some a piece to some GIGANTIC puzzel, in a way it somehow got me really nervouse.

"Did I say something wrong?" asking hoping that he would stop what he is doing. I was looking at him in the face dead on and then I noticed something, while he was thinkin his eyes kinda swirled with yellow streaks started to form from the pupil. Kinda unnerving if you ask me but, hey I am the chick that dated a vampire so what right do I get to say?

"What are you doing?!," his sudden ourburst scared me making me jump back a foot or two,"oh sorry. I was too busy thinking." Shane apoligized and admitted as he reached and hugged me.

I hesitated before I hugged back just out instinict. What would you do if your date suddenly snapped at you, but in their arms or take caution. FYI, I dont really fit in with all the drama stuff, at least I dont think I do do I? "You just scared me alittle that's all." I could feel Shane tense when I said that.

~Time Skip~

We arrived at my house alittle later than planned by like 15 minutes due to traffic. When we walked in it was really quiet. I looked into my parents room, they were there asleep, everyone was in bed. 'No this is wrong! They never go to bed this early it is only 7:46! Something is up'

I look around trying to find clues about what happened to make them fall asleep. All the while Shane was acting too calm as if he expected this. I am not gonna lie but this was begining to scare me all of it, from Kendall's friends to Shane acting too calm when my parents are in bed. Shane knows they never go to bed this early which is why it is begining to scare me. So I asked a question that might have changed my life forever...

"Shane, what happened to my family?" as if on que, my voice speaking the need words for some spell to complete it, or they were the words that need to open a new world or close me from the old one, everything disappered and went black.

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