Soooo excited to start sharing Jaded Rage with you all. Posts will start soon, and I'll be posting no less than 2-3 times per week! So be sure to subscribe to not miss a thing. I hope you enjoy reading about my character as much as I enjoyed writing her.

I absolutely love tortured heroines who are bad ass yet vulnerable at the same time. Jade represents that in spades. Once a typical teenage girl, after being struck by lightning she changes into something....else.

Here's the blurb in case you didn't see it:

Lightning struck and everything changed...

The chances of getting struck by lightning are one in a million. Jade was the lucky one. Only she wasn't lucky enough to die. Instead, she was cursed with uncontrolled rages, immeasurable strength and prophetic dreams.

After she dreams of her childhood sweetheart's death, she returns home to save him. She discovers their so-called harmless childhood blood-brother exchange has thrust them both into the volatile world of angels and demons.

To protect her one true love, she must embrace the creature the lightning has created. But when it comes to angels and demons, she's not sure which side she's on yet...

I picked P!nk as the cover because she's pretty much amazing. Hard core words to her songs that have rocked my world. Impacted lots of my writing. So, I thought it was fitting.

I love chatting up my stories, so leave comments, I'll be answering them! :)


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