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09 | rose

12 November 2017

It was raining again. But this time, it was heavy rain.

It rains all day long since yesterday night.

The rain made the weather became so cold, so i wore a quite thick jacket to work.

The incident happened yesterday still remained in my thought.

Is it really him?

It couldn't be!

I walked to where my seat located and pulled the drawer to get all the flowers which i had been received the these days.

I counted them one by one and altogether i got nine. Some of it had already wilt, and some of them were on their way wilting.

It couldnt be you, seriously, y/n, stop your thought, it must be someone else!

I set the flowers aside, following by laying my head on the table. I had slightly headache due to the insomnia yesterday.

A loud thunder sound caused me to wake up.

I squinted and rubbed my eyes as i slowly open it. I look around and see no one was around.


I found a new flower placed on my table, the opposite side of all the flowers.

A bouquet of rose.


Oh wait.

There was something under the rose.

A letter.

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