[34: Hotel story]

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This is more of a story than it is as a riddle.


There was a woman who needed to stay in a hotel to attend to a construction site. Her company gave her the hotel address and details. But her company left out something.

She arrived at the airport and saw a male driver waiting for her. She didn't expect anyone to pick her up.

They drove to deserted place and the lady looked confused but brushed it off.

"This is the hotel, ma'am."

The lady, Astrid, got off the car.

Astrid felt that the atmosphere felt tense. She turned around and saw that the driver wasn't there anymore.

She sighed and went inside the hotel. She saw another lady at the counter.

"Your room, ma'am?" Astrid nodded.

She followed her up to her room and settled down.

At night, when Astrid was trying to sleep, she heard thumping and knocking sounds.

She couldn't sleep. Unable to bear it anymore, she screamed, "Stop making noise!"

Then, the lady at the counter came and knocked on the door.

"Ma'am, I know you can't sleep. But please respect others."

The next morning, the woman came downstairs and got ready to see the construction site which was on the left side the hotel.

However, she found no one there.

Astrid called her company but there was no service. Her company said that the area would be able to have service.

When Astrid finished packing her things, the driver got back and fetched her and brought her to the airport.

When Astrid got home to her country, everyone looked worried.

"Why are you looking so worried?"

"This is gonna be long to explain but here it goes. The hotel you were staying at was beside a graveyard. Many people died in that hotel when a murderer came and killed all of them. The hotel that we gave you to stay in was not even close to where you are staying. And by the way, we never issued you a chauffeur."

And the best part of all of this was, there was literally no one staying at the hotel. The driver died several years ago and so did the lady at the counter.

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