Prologue: The Counsil Of Elders And The Secret Child

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The air was tense and grim, the ten inhabitants of the marble white room sitting around a grand golden table.

Nobody spoke, the tense silence almost overwhelming to the point Maleficent wanted to cry.

They were all afraid of what happened in the past three days, of what might happen in the days to come. How would they survive? How would they run this realm without him? How could this realm even exist without him?

Queen Elsa nervously shifted in her seat, she was his last creation, and she couldn't stop worrying that she would also be the last to ever be created.

Beside her sat King Triton, who had temporarily traded his fins for legs in order to leave the confines of his underwater kingdom to assess the situation.

Jimmeny Cricket kept on bouncing nervously on the golden table, waiting for the last two remaining members of the council to join them.

They were all a nervous wreck. Ursula bouncing her newly found legs up and down like a child, Yensid gripping his staff so hard his knuckles turned white, Grimhilde nervously skimming the marble white room with her eyes as if there might be an attack at any given moment, Sultan Hamed looking absolutely terrified. The only ones remaining neutral so far being Jafar and Rumplestiltskin.

At the booming sound of the grand doors opening everyone looked up, greeted with the sight of the Gold Faerie and Mickey coming to join them.

"My fellow council members, I expect you all heard of the news as of late," Mickey said grimly, taking a seat at the round table. The Gold Faerie flew over to sit beside him, and plopt down on one of the wooden chairs to his right.

"News travels fast in this part of the realms," Queen Elsa spoke, "So is it true? Is he really gone? Never to return again?"

Maleficent contained a strangled sob, her midnight black curls bouncing up and down her fair olive skin.

"I'm afraid it is." Mickey sighed heavily, slumping his shoulders in defeat.

A chorus of murmurs and shocked expressions swept around the room. It was one thing to hear a rumor about a serious matter that could possibly mean the end of all, it was another, however, to have it confirmed.

"Bu-but, that cannot be!" Grimhilde exclaimed, "What about the realms? How will there ever be new creations? What will become of us?"

Murmurs and shouts of agreement swept across the marble room like a wild fire, sending the council members into panic.

"Settle down, settle down now!" Mickey bellowed, "There is a solution," he assured. At this he turned his expression to Maleficent's tearstained face, a hard look forming in her eyes.

"No." She stated with finality, "I will not put her through this! She is too young, and Villien will surely be after her if we announce this." She argued.

"But she is our only chance." The Gold Faerie soothed, "We will not survive without her. She is his daughter, his own flesh and blood. Therefore the heir to his throne and the wielder of his powers, it is her duty."

Maleficent's face contorted with rage, "She is also my child! And as the only living parent she has, I refuse." She hissed.

Mickey and the Gold Faerie exchanged looks, and Mickey cleared his throat, "But you do know what happens if she does not take over, do you not?" He asked. Maleficent stayed silent.

"There will be a war," He continued, "Villien will make sure of it. He may have been Walt's most trusted adviser and the leader of his army, but that does not mean he is the most faithful. Do you want your child to grow up with him on the throne? He hates your kind, and even if she is Walt's own flesh and blood he'll do anything to eliminate her."

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