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It's been a month...

... how are you?

Im lying if i say i've let go of you.

It is a total lie if i say I'm okay whenever i thought of you.

And, it is the biggest lie i ever had if i say I've move on.

The promise you made, saying that you will never leave, but hey look what's now?

I lost both my parents earlier, and now i even have to bear with the fact i lost you too.

What a tragedy?


What have i done to have this kind of fate?

Time have passed day by day.

The wound in my heart become deeper and deeper.

Could this consider as 'slowly self-suicide'?

Tell me, how should i live by myself?

Tell me what have i done to deserve this.

Tell me.


Rain pouring, it was cold.

Under the blanket, there covered a girl, facing the ceiling, tears streaming down uncontrollably.

Should i just be like all of you?

Should i just abandon the reality and be irresponsible just like how you all did,

Appa, Eomma,

and You.

A/n: Heyya guys! This idea popped up in my mind when i was searching for aesthetic flowers in pinterest.

It's actually a short story and it's my first time writing short story. So hope y'all will like it.

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