Clueless [Asano Gakushuu]

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You and Asano were a very happy couple. Both in 3A with very good scores.

You were always second trying to beat him and one day you did. This caught his attention.

Soon the boy fell in love with you and asked you out. At first you hesitated he was a jerk picking fights. He had wealth, fame and many other things.

His fangirls were an issue. He was a natural flirt. You agreed happily and you got together.

He treated you like a princess, telling you nobody was perfect, only you were. Of course you believed those words as you loved the boy so much.

Prehaps you loved him too much to realise he was a cheat. Everyday when you visited his house, it would reek of different perfumes.

You never said anything. You shut your mouth up and pretended to not know anything. Asano became more distance.

Was he falling out of love with you?
(Wait is that even possible this word)

In the distance was two people kissing. They looked happy and undisturbed.

One was your boyfriend, Asano.

The other was a female who you didn't know.

You felt very betrayed, your eyes widened as you watched them.

You walked up towards them, you were ready to kick Asano and break up with him. Rolling up your sleeves as you silently walked.

Tapping on Asano's shoulder you shocked him. Speaking in your sweetest's voice, "Asano I hope you're having fun with your new girlfriend."

"I-I c-can explain," the Asano pushed the female off him.

"Asano, why care about her? After all you need me for the money and I just need yo-," the female whined.

"You never even cared, goodbye."

Asano knew you had instantly broke up with him. He watched you walk away, he really stuffed up this time.

After a year past, you now graduated and went to Uni. Your life was very good so far. Until the accident.

Meanwhile, Asano was struggling. He deeply regretted what he did to you. He never got to say sorry.

"Ren, do you think she'll meet up at the renuion?"

"I really don't know...."

"I'll go, I've been dying to say sorry. Just a simple word."

"It's true words can affect people a lot." the male agreed.

Asano went to the gathering he was ready to see your excited face and your amazing smile.

Everybody looked different. Prettier and more mature. Their looks had changed a bit and it had been only one year.

The boy continued to wait for you to arrive. How would you react when you saw him?

Would your face be clouded with judgement and betrayal of perhaps forgiveness?

He waited for your arrival but you didn't come. Did you actually decide to not turn up?

Even the other students who were unpopular arrived. He then realised nobody was really talking about you.

You were well loved by 3A, your looks and academics were really good. Asano was the one to take your heart away.

Walking through the crowd a former classmate appeared, Yukine, he was taller.

(Making up 3A classmate names because we don't really know 3A)

"Y-Yukine is that you?!"

"Ahhh.. Asano hello. How are you?" Yukine grinned.

Asano knew Yukine was your good friend. Yukine did have a crush on you too. He was very mad when he found out that you had been cheated on.

"S-So where is (y-y/n)?" Asano asked.

Yukine's expression darkened. His eyes changed from sweetness to hatred. He looked troubled.

"Didn't you cheat on her?"

"Y-Yes..." Asano felt really bad.

"Then you don't need to know..." Yukine snarled as he walked off to join the other students.

Asano tried to follow him, only bumping into another classmate.

"M-Miku is that you?"

"Asano how are you? Are you enjoying this party?"

"W-Where's (y/n)?" Asano quietly whispered.

"Having fun at the reunion?" Miku continued to ask, ignoring his question.

"I said, where is (y/n)?" the male shouted.

The class stopped what they were doing, turning around they saw Asano stressed out.


Whispers erupted from the crowd. Asano felt like he was the only one that didn't know anything. The class was keeping a secret from him.

"W-What are you staring at?"

"Asano," Miku slowly spoke, "You were never told were you?"


He could feel the words slowly come out of the female's mouth.

"She died a year ago after the break up in a car accident."


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