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04 | gerbera

7 November 2017

Flower won't stop appearing on my seat.

So again, this pink in colour flower was found on my table in front of the frame of me and him.

I ain't surprise at all since I got used to it already.

But this time, I decided to ask each of my colleague about it. Maybe they put them on the wrong table? or maybe they saw the person who place it here?

"Excuse me, any of you guys see who put these flower on my table?" I took all the flowers out, and some of them are wilting.

"It's been four days.. or maybe someone put it on the wrong table?" I continued.


It's useless.

They were shaking their head, intimating that it wasn't them while some of them saying they have no idea about it.

What is this?

Why did I keep getting flowers then?

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