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MR Knight POV:

I walked out of the room leaving Camino with the girls to show him the bedroom. Actually, I didn't do it before with any, I didn't give permission to anyone before to step inside this bedroom, its made for me and only me to have a break or relax my body that's all. No one of the girls shared this bed with me ever. I am tension, I don't know how to deal with this situation, I am not embarrassed but it's new for me.

But I was so mad from Sam reactions either, I know him a long time ago and that was enough to know when he likes someone and care about him and when he just wants to sleep with him and definitely this time he likes Camino.

I know that SAM might think that I am just angry because he plays around with one of the slaves but that wasn't the main reason for my anger. I can't lie to myself, I do like this guy so much and hell that because I don't know why I am so afraid to touch him maybe more than him...

I remained in my office heaving and puffing trying to control my bad mood and relax my mind. Then I figured out there's no escape from this situation. I said I will do it and if I changed my mind Now, All the employees will think I can't do it. And I can't look as I fear something. Everyone knew that I have No weak point and that's how I should act and that's how they should believe I am unbeatable.

I suffered to make that jump in my life and my career and build my own career. I struggled in this life for years to invent a remarkable name for myself and show everyone my strong personality, I can't ruin all of this because I am scared to touch this guy.

I blew a sharp breath away and stomped out of my office to my private bedroom. I asked one of the girls about Camino and she said he's ready and is waiting for me.

I opened the door, I coughed when I noticed him trying to cover his body with the sheets and his face was bloody red.

"It's your first time?" I asked him while I am walking closer to him in bed. I tried to open any conversation with him to break the ice between us.

He nodded and whispered, "Yes, Mr knight."

I cleared my throat when I heard his huskily sweet voice that made me erected in less than a second and this have never happened to me before, I stood up and walked to the small bar "Well, me too. I have never made it with a guy before."

Camino sighed"Um."

"So, Do you need a drink?" I turned my head to him slowly peeking at his sexy body.

He nodded shyly without saying anything, tugging a strand of his hair back to his ear. I poured two glasses of wine. I handed him one. I gulped all of the glass when he stood up and the sheets fell down on the floor. His creamy body with sexy butt made the blood hit in my head and I felt the pounding in my member. I tried switching my eyes away from him, but I couldn't resist the sensual feeling and his breathtaking beauty.

He choked while he was drinking, I guess that happened to him when he saw how I was glaring at his body from his toes to his eyes. His green wide eyes with the very sick lashes that kept flutter and blinking nervously. His red cheeks that were burning from the embarrassment.

I didn't handle it anymore, I snatched the glass from his hand, and lean down to his neck, I whispered placing a soft kiss to his neck"You look sexy, I want to eat you."

Camino pulled his head back" Sir, I think I can't." I was barely hearing his very low voice. And that sexy voice made me hornier, I wanted to take off all of his clothes and lick all of his body. But I snapped to myself and repeated what he just said now.

I cleared my throat and widened my eyes"You think you can't? Is it just because of me? Or you mean all the auction and having a new master?" I asked him in curiosity. Because if it was about the auction then hell to the auction, I will sleep with that guy now. Part of this to raise the flag of my manhood and my head up in front of my employees, I can't let rumors start about me. Another part because deep inside I want to be with him even for a one night stand.

Camino swung his head and stare away from me"You." He blurted out biting his lips shyly. 'What? Me?! He didn't like me?!'

I pulled his chin up to look into my eyes" you don't like me? do I look old or ugly? I have a good body! wait and you will see!" I said to him. Then I stood up taking all my clothes and showing him my sexy packs and my muscular manly body. Somehow I was seducing him.

His eyes checked me from up to down speechless. I took off my pants showing him my huge member that was already grown up like an iron waving for Camino to surrender to his fate.

I cut off his shirt and his boxer aggressively, he was just staring fro my reaction. I pulled his head closer to mine and thrust his mouth with my thirsty tongue for the first time in my life I'm kissing a guy. For the first time in my life, I was aroused because of guy more than any other woman.

I pulled his hand to touch my member with his small fingers "See! I want you badly,"I licked his ear making him moan and blinked in confusion. I couldn't read his facial expressions, maybe because I was lost this time. My mind fled away and my heart was the only thing that controlled me at this moment.

"I_I like you, F_form the first sight." He stuttered. This made me stop and frozen, 'Is this the sound comes from my heart or his heart?!' My heart was drumming in seconds and other was skipping some beats in an unstable way.

He bends his arms around my neck pulling me to top his body, moving his fingers on my chest."Could you give me one more glass of wine?" He whispered but his warm breath was fanning my face and making me lose control over myself.

I wanted to tell him that I was going to this restaurant to see him and only him. I wanted to tell him that it was from the first sight too. But my dignity stopped me, my dreaming to be the most powerful and wealthy man who controls the world stopped me. 'love will make you a weak and poor person.' that sentence hit my mind.

but his touch made me swoon to drown between his eyelids, to loosen control over my body for this night.

He repeated, "could you give me one more glass, please."

"No, I want you to feel everything." I blurted out and squeezed his b'tt arching his up to brush his member with mine.

I grabbed lube and condom, leaning down to in between his legs "Spread up your legs, hottie." I licked my lips seductively, I pulled him to the edge of the bed and adjusted myself after spanking him with one and then two fingers. then I invaded his sexy b'tt with my member conquering and smashing his hole borders.

But my heart borders was smashed by him as well by every up and down. By every scream or moan of pleasure from him.

And we made this for long, I didn't want to release myself, I enjoyed every moment inside him. I was snorting from the sensual feeling and groaning in pleasure. I was sweating and inhaling and exhaling loudly. I made it for hours with him, one time and twice then the third time. Until he asked me to stop because he is exhausted and the pain started to grow inside him.

As if I wanted this to last forever with this lust emotions as if I wanted to do not stop at all. As if I wanted to freeze the time at this moment. I was acting strangely weird, kissing him all over his body as if it was goodbye making love for two lovers breaking up. I couldn't understand my feelings but all I was thinking that I have to make him between my arms as much as I can.


Updates daily... BUT, I need My Readers support This time to keep writing [Boy Romance Novels on Wattpad] Vote, Share, Comment. Thanks lovelies. Enjoy now.

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