thirty four

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"Daehyun, how should I do it?"

"Just act natural and don't give it away!"

"But he knows I don't bring him to fancy dinners 'just because'. Guk will know I'm lying," Himchan whined. The two men were at Daehyun's house trying to plan how Himchan would propose to Yongguk.

"Have you really thought this engagement through? Marriage is a huge thing. Have you talked to Yongguk about it?"

"Yes, I've been thinking about it since after we started dating last year, dude! We really started to talk about it when you and Youngjae got engaged." Daehyun nodded at Himchan's words.

"Okay, well have you thought of living expenses and how much the wedding will cost? What about the honeymoon and the ring? Have you bought the ring?" Himchan nodded and pulled out a gold wedding band with a singular diamond in the middle.

"I didn't want to go too big just yet. Plus, Yongguk likes 'simplicity'."

"That's beautiful, man! So you're really gonna do this, huh?" Himchan nodded confidently.

"Even if he figures it out before we get there I'll just wing it. He means the world to me and I'd do anything for him to be happy." Daehyun cooed over Himchan's words.

"You two are always so cheesy what the heck? I hope you two get engaged; well I know you will. I've heard how Yongguk talks about you." Himchan smiled.

"Thanks, Dae. Don't tell the boys yet. I want to be the one to share the news," Himchan said and patted Daehyun's shoulder.

"I believe in you! You got this, Chan!"

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