What to wear for Halloween?

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"Halloween!!!! I'm gonna be a little witch" Luna cried

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"Halloween!!!! I'm gonna be a little witch" Luna cried.

"I'm gonna be Harry Potter" Springtrap yells back

"I'm gonna Sakura from Naruto" Funtime Foxy yells along with them.

"I'm gonna be Yvetal from Pokemon" Marinette said.

"I'm gonna be King Arther" Nightmare Fredbear says.

"I'm gonna be Pit from Kid Icarus Uprising" Bonnie yells while someone sneezed.

"I'm gonna be Zelda from the legend of Zelda" Lolbit says pulling out a golden wig.

"I'm gonna be myself" Nightmare yells louder than everyone else.

*Everyone goes silent*

"That's not a very good costume..." Springtrap says.

"Fine, I will go as Ash from Pokemon" Night declares.

"Better" Lolbit agrees with Springtrap.

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