tattoo shop

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I woke up before my alarm so I turned it off and got ready to go out and check over the tatoo shop and check about buying the building next to it so that I can start the plans and check workers licences.

When I got to the tatoo shop I walked in and looked around first checking the appointment book and the register and then went to check out the cleanliness of the place and it was disgusting so I cleaned the whole place then just as I was finishing the door chimed and a guy walked in kissing a girl and when I cleared my throat they separated I stood there with my arms folded waiting for him to speak.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my shop bitch?" Is the first thing he said

"First off I ain't a bitch and secondly you will find that this is my shop as in I own it and I want your name and a reason to why it is far below the health standards that my grandpa had it as when I was younger?"

"Year right bitch this is owned by me I took it from those pathetic people that owned it when they lived here when they left now beat it bitch"

"Are you sure you want to talk like that to me when I could have you removed and punished for being here?"

"Like a little girl can do anything to me" with that he grabbed me and pushed me out the door onto the street so I did the in a thing I could think off I rang my dad


What's wrong lovie?

I went to my tatoo shop and literally got thrown to the street by someone claiming to have taken it over

I'll be there in 5 minutes

Then he hung up the phone

After a few minutes I heard the roar of bikes coming down the street when they got close they all parked and got off their bikes. If it wasn't for seeing my dad in the group I would of been scared.

My dad walks up to me and asked what happened so I told him then both him and happy walked into the shop and I pointed out the guy who was half naked with a girl on him on the sofa

"Ewwww I just cleaned there" I said to myself

Dad and happy laughed then wiped all emotion off their faces and walked to the guy pulling him off of the sofa

"Who are you and what gives you the right to put your hands on my daughter?" My dad asked him

"That bitch is a daughter of a son, yeah right she probably sold herself so that she could get what she wanted" and he laughed

Next I walked up to him and punched him in the jaw and said "I ain't no slut and if it was up to me I would have saved myself for the man I married" then I broke down crying again and happy wrapped his arms around me and weirdly I felt safe in his arms.

Dad handed the guy to jax and picked me up out of happy's arms and cradled me like you would a baby to his chest until I stopped sobbing.

I looked up at the clock and it was 15 minutes to 11 and I needed to get ready for the fund raiser so I got up off of dad's lap.

"Dad I need to get ready for the fund raiser but I don't know what to wear"

He replied "anything you choose lovie but can you take happy with you so I know your safe please"

"Sure daddy" I responded then turned to happy and asked

"Will you be riding it bike or coming in my car?"

"My bike" he responded

I kissed dad on the cheek and went towards the door and waited for everyone to walk out then locked the shop up and walked to my car.

Once I got home with happy following me I pressed the button and the garage opened and I drove in parking my car next to my bike and got out.

Happy followed me in and parked on the other side of my bike and got off.

Once we were in the house I told happy I'd go get dressed and he said if anything was wrong then to shout and he would be there.

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