Chole's POV

"HARRY!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY PHONE!" I yelled jumping like a kangaroo yet looking like I'm jumping like a penguin! We were on the plane just about to land."Yo SUPERMAN! Help me out would ya?"

"SUPERRRRMAAANNN!"Louis yelled from the top of his lungs."Only provide service to people who pay in return."

"I will pay you in gumballs!" I said searching through my bag looking for money.

"NOOOO!!!" All the guys yelled. Louis snatched the gumballs from my hands and everyone sighed loudly.

"Louis can't have gumballs! He starts to-" Liam got interrputed but a gumball that got shot to his head.

"FIRE!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled putting all the gumballs in his mouth and starting shooting them out.

"LOU! AT LEAST SHOOT THEM IN MY MOUTH!" Niall said trying to catch Louis's shots.

"Not the hair! Not the hair!" Zayn kept repeating while taking cover behind Allison. Finally I decided to copy him and hide behind Harry.

Allison's POV

What a bunch of wimps! After about 15 minutes of shoot the friends, I decided I had enough. I finally went behind Louis and smacked the back of his head. He spit out all of the gumballs and everyone did a sigh of relief.

"Aye! You ruined my fun!" Louis pouted.

"2 more seconds, you would've made Harry cry." I replied.

"No I wouldn't!" Harry protested ending in a sniffle.

"No more gumballs for you!" Liam said sternly."Sit!" We all sat like puppies in our seats except for Zayn who sat on the floor by Liam's feet."I would like us to have the last few minutes on this plane in peace in quiet!"

"You can"t expect that right?" I asked.

"No but it was worth a shot." Liam said. 

After we landed, there was a mob of fans! It wasn't the best having fans call you inappropriate names because they thought you were dating one of the guys. There were even some guys hollering at us to stay away from their men.

"Wanna have some fun with the paparazzi?" Chloe whispered in my ear. I nodded.

"Harry!!! I'm scared!" Chloe said like a desperate kitten. Harry took her had and she clung to his arm which got the questions snapping at us like crocodiles! I looked at Zayn and he held out his hand! "Let's see if they start throwing carrots and spoons at you girls!" he said over the screams. I took his arm and put it around my shoulder.

Harry's POV

I knew Chloe was holding to my arm because she wanted to start a riot, but I didn't care. She felt so comfortable on my arm and I couldn't help but want it to last. Back at the hotel, Niall's stomach started to rumble so we decided to find some food. 

I seriously hated the disguises the management gives us!!! It doesn't help diddily-squat!

"NANDOS!!!" Niall yelled in the van.

"Ermm... I don't think they have Nandos here Nialls.." I replied looking out the window.

"AW NOODLES!" He pouted.

"How about some good old fashion McDonalds?" Allison suggested.

"LEGGO!!" Zayn said.

"Ugh! I hate leggos! You step on one, then you become a one-legged elephant!" Chloe said and we all laughed.

"Nice comparison." Liam said.

Once we parked in front Niall skipped inside and I walked in with Chloe. I didn't really pay attention to anyone else. After we ordered, we pushed all the tables together so we could all sit together.

Allison's POV

"No you didn't!" I protested. We had just gotten into an intense conversation after finishing our food.

"It's true!" Zayn defended.

"Why on earth would you do that?" Chloe asked disgusted.

"It seemed funny at the time...." Zayn said shy.

"It's true. We've seen them." Louis stated.

"We try to blackmail him with it, but he has then under lock and key." Niall said.

"Isn't it easier to just burn them?" I asked.

"Nope! I'm taking them to the grave!" He said shaking his head to prove his point.

"You do realize we must put that you have pictures of you in a mankini in the book right?" Chloe said.

"No one will believe you. You don't have proof." Zayn said confidently.

"He's right, we need those pictures..." I said getting my thinking face on.

"They're in your suitcase aren't they?" Chloe asked and his eyes grew wide.

"HOLY FLUBBER JACKS THEY ARE!!!' I said doing my happy dance.

"TO THE HOTEL!!!!!" Chloe yelled and we all raced to the hotel.

~one race to the hotel later~

"GRAB HIS SUITCASE!" Chloe screamed and I ripped it open as she helped the guys hold back Zayn. I felt a small zipper at the bottom of the suitcase. I threw his clothes everywhere and unzipped the pocket.

"Jackpot!!!" I yelled. Everyone huddle around me to see the pictures.

"You would look lovely as a woman Zayn." Liam teased.

"It was just a bloody prank." I he said burry his head in his hands.

"Well, you're prank will now be in your biography!" I said unlocking my suitcase and then locking it back up. I don't really trust my suitcase alone with these boys.

"Uh guys?" Harry began.

"Why did we run here if we took the van?" Louis finished.

"How'd you know I was gonna say that?" Harry asked.

"Bromance telepathy!" Louis yelled giving me a hug.

"Bromance telepathy?" Niall asked.

"YES! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?" Louis yelled which made Niall and everyone jump. One thing is for sure, don't mess with Larry Stylinson.

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