#13. Peek-A-Boo

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Two weeks later

It had been a few weeks since Brian had seen Mona, and to say he was antsy would've been an understatement. The first three days were hard, after a week he was numb, by day twelve he was on the brink of going crazy

If it weren't for Pac, tryna make sure that he didn't go on a killing spree just to calm himself down, it would've been really bloody in die Kaap
(the Cape)

But he was happy to be back in Johannesburg, where his girl was, "You thinking of your girl?" Pac nudged him from the passenger side, "Cause if I was you, I would be. I mean mammie is -"

Brian growled, nearly swerving off the highway, "Don't!" His body became ridged, but Pac nudged him again, laughing at how hung up his boy was over this Mona chick

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Brian growled, nearly swerving off the highway, "Don't!" His body became ridged, but Pac nudged him again, laughing at how hung up his boy was over this Mona chick

"Yo relax, I'm just playing" he shook his head at him. But then he frowned, "Have you heard from her yet?" Pac asked, soundly concerned. He knew that if Mona didn't contact Brian anytime soon, Jozi was gonna be flipped upside down pretty soon

Brian frowned as well. He had no idea where his little pixie had disappeared to, cause the last time they spoke was a few days ago, when Brian told Mona that he'd be coming back to Jozi in a few days. That very same day, Mona promised Brian that she would book a ticket home, which was the last time he had heard from her, "Nie ek het'ie"
(No, I haven't)

It was strange to him, cause the spoke on a regular basis during the day, even if it was just her texting him nonstop till he answered her back. He hadn't thought about it, hadn't even noticed that he felt as though something was off till Pac had him thinking why his girl hadn't answered any of his calls, or texts, the whole day

Brian didn't have to think twice about what he was going to do next. His place wasn't that far from Mona's, so he took the next off ramp to go to her place. He even tried calling her, so she knew that he was on his way, but her phone went straight to voicemail

Now he was starting to worry. Mona wasn't the type to not talk to him, not since they met over a month ago. Yeah, it's been close to four months since he came to Johannesburg, and accidentally bumping into her

He smacked his teeth, calling the last person who he thought he'd ever call...Niko, "Who you calling bruh?" Pac asked, once they were parked in Mona's yard. The house looked empty, but Brian could feel the dark cloud that was hovering over it, and he didn't like it at all

Pac pulled out his gun, sensing the unease that was coming off of Bri. He looked over at Bri, and motioned that he was going to check the back of the house for any activity. Brian nodded, while he crouched over to the front door, stealthily

"Hello" Niko answered, not knowing who the person calling him was

Brian smirked, knowing that this call was gonna annoy the shit out of him, "Sup pops" he said with humour, even though the situation he was in currently was not a laughing matter

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