Chapter 15: Home Depot

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“How about we just go with this and see where it ends?” He suggested. I was so torn. On one hand that sounded so nice…on another I knew this would end in heartbreak. I pulled back slightly to see his face, “We take this very, very slow.” I clarified. He looked so happy it made me smile a little.



“As slow as you want. So…” he pulled back and offered me his elbow, “Care to accompany to the kitchen for something to eat?” He asked making me shake my head at him with a grin, “I’d love to.” I really hope this wasn’t a big mistake. I’ll just stop thinking about the future so much…for now.





Chapter 15:



Gordon’s POV:



Holy crap, did that just happen? I thought as I walked Isis to the kitchen. By the smile on my face I’d say yes. Dang, when did I get so emotional? I feel like a girl! Oh well…as long as the guys don’t find out. Jenna spotted us with a wry grin, “You two…are too adorable!” She gushed at the end. Isis giggled at my reddening face. Great! Now I look like some love sick puppy. I need to go to some guys shop to get my masculinity back.




“I am not adorable! I am manly.” I corrected her. She rolled her eyes at me and pointed a kitchen spoon covered in some kind of sauce, “No. You mister are adorable. I think I should know since you’re the same boy who believed he was a pretty little princess.” She winked at Isis. Now my face was burning!



“Jenna! I was five!” I whined. Isis couldn’t stop laughing, “A p-pretty little p-princess huh?” She choked out. I narrowed my eyes at her, “You better run for laughing at me.” I spoke in a low voice. She sobered up and backed away slowly, “I-I’m sorry!” She stuttered but then took off running.



Grinning, I ran after her and was surprised to see she was so fast! I couldn’t help but look at her backside, but c’mon…I’m a guy! “Stop looking at my butt!” She called out behind her. Laughing, I sped up even further. She ran up the stairs as I followed, but I didn’t see the little evil lizard in my way…or his large tail sticking out deliberately.



“Oomph!” I face planted onto the top landing of the second floor. Man that hurt! I heard a groan and spotted Isis a handful of feet away from me clutching her face. I got up quickly and went to her side, “Isis, you okay?” I asked. She looked up at me and nodded but winced, “Yes…remember, I feel what you do.” I kissed the side of her head and turned around to glare at Hazam who was looking at Isis sheepishly.

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