Hannah Dains - "Don't Kill Yourself Today"

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Don't kill yourself today because your Netflix free trial still has a week left.

Don't kill yourself today because no one else will finish off the chicken in the fridge.

Don't kill yourself today because I know for a fact Starbucks is introducing a new frappachino sometime next month.

Yes, your mother will miss you.

Yes, your bully will make a sappy facebook post about what a wonderful person you were.

Yes, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, but you know that.

You've known that.

Anyone and everyone has been shoving that down your throat since you first learned what the word "suicide" meant.

Those slogans might have lost their meaning but anything that keeps you alive is worth saying.

So don't kill yourself until you finish your shampoo and conditioner at the same time.

Don't kill yourself until Doctor Who is finally canceled.

Don't kill yourself until you tell someone your best pasta recipe.

Don't kill yourself because I will keep coming up with more reasons and I need you to hear all of them.

Don't kill yourself. I love you.

You're important.

It's a bad day not a bad life.

There is more to this.

The world will keep spinning on its axis without you but think of all the sunrises you'll miss.

Think of all the tears you'll never get to shed.

Think of all the celebrity twitter fights.

All the puppies and goldfish

Think of all the sunflowers and frozen yogurt flavors.

I know this sounds pointless.

When you're sitting in front of everything deadly you own and revising your goodbyes there will be too much darkness to see anything else, but this is not about seeing anything else.

This is about turning off the lights.

This is about finding the bedsheets instead of the noose.

This is about giving yourself just one more day.

Even if it takes 10,000 of those "one more mornings" before you get to "I can't wait for tomorrow".

This is about staying alive because it's pumpkin season.

This is about staying alive because you never really learned how to make gnocchi.

This is about staying alive because the future is coming and it is ready for you.

I don't need you to see it.

I just need you to believe that you can make it until then.

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