Unintentional Meeting?

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"Huff.... huff..." I run as fast as I can since...

I'M LATE.... again

I sigh at my thought as I saw school is just a few more minutes away.

I looked at myself while running as I frowned. Shirts not tucked, somewhat messy hair, loosen tie and blazer around my waist.

well you can say that I pretty much broke most of the dress code... Geez, I couldn't let the discipline teacher catch me....

By the time I almost reach the school gates as my eyes widen open.

ha..haha the discipline teacher is IN FRONT of the school gate T^T

"Shit..." I said under my breath as I quickly look around and saw the wall. I sigh as I quickly jump and grab the wall before climbing it to the top until I heard someone start speaking.

"Student? You are not allowed to jump over the wall you should know that, your name and class please..."

I sigh as I slowly turn around. I looked at her as I shutter "Ahah hah... Hwasaja..."

She looked at me as her eyes widen "Byul???" she sigh

"Seriously..." She glared

"P.. please, just this once. Act like you didn't saw anything please please please..." I quickly said as I put my hands together.

She looked at me as she frowned and got out her small notebook from her pocket.

Without thinking twice, I end up blurred out something that I definitely will regret

"I- I'll treat you food after school!" as soon as I said it I close my eyes and and frowned. Aish... what did I just say gosh...

Hwasa stop what she's doing as she looked up and smirked

"Sure" She said as she gesture me to go before walking away. I sigh out loud before quickly jumping over and landed safely. Welp... I guess I should hurry.

I quickly look at my watch as I widen my eyes

Ding Dong-

Shit.. I quickly run towards my class as I shake my head. "What a nice day... pfft"



I finally got to my classroom... class 2-1. I quickly open the door as everyone turned their focus to me. I look around as I sigh, thank god!

The teacher haven't came in I'm safe....

I got into my seat as I sat down and put my bag to the side. The girl beside me who's this lil puppy Wheein, (yes we call her our puppy sometimes....) called for me as I looked towards her direction.

"Late again huh" She asked as I nodded and laughed awkwardly. I quickly take off the blazer around my waist as I put them to the back of my chair while Wheein looks at me.

"I thought the discipline teacher was in front of the school gate when I came, didn't you got caught for..." She points at me up and down "Dressing like this..?"

I sigh as I start telling her about me climbing over the walls and Hwasa...

She looked at me with her eyes widen open when I told her about treating the lion for food and said "You're gonna treat her ONLY???" she noted the only in the sentence as I slowly back away

Her expression changed quickly as now she's looking at me with puppy eyes

"No Wheein ah...." I said as she gets closer to me "Pweaseeee" She whined. As we can see currently... this little puppy is trying to make me treat her as well...

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