Trick Or Treating // 5.0.5 x Reader

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"Hey Dr Flug, 5.0.5, and Demencia! Are you ready to go trick or treating?" You said, running up to the three. Dr Flug shook his head "I'm sorry Y/n, I'm busy working. And I might hand out candy to trick or treaters."

You grin a little "It's okay! I understand. What about you, Demencia?" Demencia looks at you and  shook her head "Nah, I'm going to watch horror movies while I wait for you guys to get candy."

You squinted "Wait what?"

"Nothing!" She chuckles nervously while getting a handful of popcorn in her hand. You cross your arms and frown "But Demencia, you're going to have your stomach hurting. Do you want that?" Demencia shrugs

"I don't care! I'll probably get over the pain later." You sigh and look at 5.0.5 "5.0.5? Are you going?" 5.0.5 happily growls and nuzzles your neck. You giggle and pet his fur "Alright."

As for the costumes, Demencia was wearing a Lizard onesie. 5.0.5 was a flower pot. And you were a (insert Halloween costume)

(A/n: HW/C means Halloween costume for now on)

Of course, Dr Flug wasn't wearing any costume. Except, he has a little witch hat on the side of his paperbag. As for Black hat, well, he was planning the scare children who comes by his mansion.

It's quite obvious that Halloween is his favorite holiday.

He wouldn't stop talking about on how he's excited for the day of the 31st. And today is the day.

"Hey guys! Who's ready to scare hideous children?" Black hat says entering the living room, while rubbing his hands together. Dr Flug sighs "Sir, I'm going to hand out treats. Please don't scare them away."

Black hat scoffs "It's not fun when you don't scare them when they asked if they want a trick or treat. They obviously want a trick!" Dr Flug rubs his temples under his paperbag

"Anyways, I'll just be going back to work. Y/n and 5.0.5, please be back home safe." You and 5.0.5 smiles "We will!" You both grab your bags and start to walk out of the mansion. Demencia chews her popcorn and  yells out with her mouth full

"Don't forget to bring me some candy!!!" "Okay!" You closed the door and look up at 5.0.5, who was smiling cutely. You giggle and pet him "Were going to have so much fun!"

5.0.5 growls "Arwoo!" You both held hand to paw and walk around the neighborhood. The first house you both saw was nicely decorated. So you both decide to start there. You rang the doorbell and wait for the person in the house to answer.

After a minute later, the person comes out with a bucket of delicious sweets. You and 5.0.5 smiled "Trick or treat!" She giggles and reaches out the bucket "Lovely costumes! Take a handful if you like."

You squealed "Ah! Thank you so much!" 5.0.5 growls lightly and you both took a handful. You threw it in the bucket, with you two start walking to the next house.

"Having fun so far, 5.0.5?" He looks at you and growls softly. You smile at him, ear to ear "Glad you think so. Hey!" -you pointed to another house- "Let's go there next!"

The house was nicely decorated like the previous house. But there were less decorations. You both walk up to the front door and you look up at the blue bear "Want to ring the door bell this time?"

5.0.5 nods and he reaches over to ring the bell. He presses it and a chime goes off in the house. A man comes out of the door "Trick or Treat!" "Hey, our first trick or treater." He takes the bucket from the table.

He grabs a few candy and puts it in both of your bags "Have a nice night guys." You both smiled "Thank you!" The man goes back inside the house, and you to start walking again "These people are nice so far!"

5.0.5 happily growls at you. You scratch the back of his neck and he purrs gently "Cmon, let's see if we can get to other houses." The blue bear nods and follows you.

The other houses were not bad handing out treats. Some people give out lots of candy. And others just gave a few. It's been almost an hour, and you two were almost filled up on your bags.

"Want to get to that last house over there before we head home?" You gesture 5.0.5 with a smile. 5.0.5 nods and you two start walking over there. The house looked a bit eerie. More eerie than Black hats hat house.

You two didn't care. All you cared about was the candy you two were going to get. Or, maybe not, who knows. Besides, you two live with a demon. So what's so different with seeing a eerie house, that's so dark and a bone chilling feeling?

You rang the door bell and you two wait patiently for someone to answer the door. 5.0.5 starts to yawn a little and nuzzle under your chin, making you giggle "I'm getting tired too. At least we're going to eat candy."

You clicked your tongue "Too bad I have to give some to Demencia. I don't want to get a stomach ache anyways." Suddenly, the door slowly creaks open and in that crack is just pitch black.

You raise a brow "Gee, are you going to open the door or what?" 5.0.5 growls in agreement. The door opens more, exposing a old lady behind the wooden rectangle "oh! I'm s-so sorry about that dearies..." she smiles weakly, showing less wrinkles on her face.

"It's alright, ma'am. Got any candy?" The lady smiles "Ah, it's in the basement. Won't you guys go inside?" You cross your arms and whisper to 5.0.5 "I forgot what Dr Flug told us. Did he say to go into strangers houses, or not go into their houses?"

5.0.5 shrugs. You sigh "I'm pretty sure he said to go into strangers houses." 5.0.5 nods and you both walk in the house. The old lady guide you both down into the basement "You'll love the delicious treats that are waiting for you..."

You and 5.0.5 smile, loving the sound on how good the candies were going to be. The lady cracks a smile and shows them the candy "Take many of them~" you and 5.0.5 smiles widely and you both took a handful

"You're never leaving this house!" The old lady suddenly raises her voice and starts to cackle. You and 5.0.5 already regret coming in the house. Both of you shook in fear and the old lady starts to cackle louder, her face shifting to a monstrous face.

Now you both scream in horror, dropping the candies on the floor "IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE!" You sob out while 5.0.5 whimpers loudly. Both of you hug each other tightly and getting ready for the last breath.

Not as you both expected, the voice starts to laugh hysterically, forming into a familiar one. The one that loves Halloween the most. Probably the whole world.

"Hah ha! You should've seen the look on your faces! Priceless!" Black hat laughs out loud and tries to catch his breath. Both of you look at him seriously, with a stern look "That wasn't funny, Black hat."

"Well, it was funny for me! Cmon, let's go back home. I'm going to tell Demencia about this. She'll be dead laughing too. Literally!" 5.0.5 whimpers a little and his face saddens from the little prank Black hat did.

While all of you walk out of the house, you saw 5.0.5's facial expression. You bit your lip and pick up the leftover candies from the floor. At least they weren't unwrap yet. You gave them to 5.0.5 and smile.

5.0.5 smiles back, accepting your generosity "Arwoo!~" You giggle and hug him tightly, snuggling against his fur "I love you 5.0.5~" 5.0.5 growls lightly

You both connect hand and paw. Smiling. Smiling in Halloween.

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