(+)16; You get me out of the rain, you get me out of my clothes.

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!!Mature content!!

"Shouldn't you be going with them?" Gabe asks when he sees William at his front door, being dropped off by Adam and Jason. William had on his black sweater and of course, those jeans he'd always wear. William smiled, "They need to bond, talk about the island." William says Gabe raises his eyebrows, "The island?" William nods and just pushes past Gabe.

"Wanna do anything?" Gabe asks, closing the door.

"Are your parent's home?" William asks Gabe smirks. He catches up to meet William outside his bedroom door.

"Would that be a problem, angel?" Gabe says in a low voice which makes William blush.

"n-no." Gabe smiles at his boyfriend, "You're really cute when you're stuttery. William giggles, and rare thing Gabe's only seen a few times in his life, "You think i'm cute?" William says, he's on his toes looking at Gabe with those eyes.

"Mhm baby, I think you're really really cute." Gabe says sliding his arm on William's waist with one arm, and opening his bedroom door with the other.

"Do you wanna watch a movie?" William says, "On your bed maybe?" William looks up at Gabe, William wraps his arms around the back of Gabe's neck, Gabe nods his head, "Yeah baby, yeah."


"Gabriel, what are you doing?" William says to Gabe, Gabe is kissing William's exposed neck, "I'm doing the Lord's work," Gabe says, the words are muffled, William doesn't say anything, but let his boyfriend be on top of him, he lets his nails dig into Gabe's back.

"You like me leaving hickeys on you?" Gabe says when William's nails dig deeper and deeper and fuck Gabe loves him. William's soft moans give Gabe the 'okay' to shut his laptop and take it off the bed.

"You have a rubber?" William asks, looking at Gabe with eyes full of lust, he has those fuck me eyes. "I think I have one, I-

"Baby, Baby, Hey," Gabe says, which gets William's attention, "I have one angel, it's fine." Gabe puts his hand on William's shoulder, looking into William's eyes, "y-yeah," William says.

"Want you to fuck me," William says to Gabe, Gabe gives out a low chuckle  "You're a little desperate." Gabe puts his hands under William's black sweater. "Gabe," William says in a low voice

"William, you're perfect to me,o kay?" .Gabe says, William nods and grabs Gabe's collar, They kiss passionately, "Baby, fuck." Gabe's voice is low, "Now," William says, "Please," William repeats, and fuck, okay when Gabe hears William beg, it opens a new fucking door for him.

"You like it rough?" Gabe asks, taking off his own pants,

William nods, "Wouldn't want it any other way."

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