Chapter XXVIII

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"I guess that he's Henry, right?" Said Pandora to Aldwin. The cat, who was beside him, floated right to the man with the hat.

"Yes, better known as the Mad Hatter." The cat's smile widened inhumanly, sending shivers down my spine, right after Aldwin spoke.

"Stop it, stop it already," I cut them both. "Someone please explain what the hell is happening in here or I swear I'll kill someone, starting with that cat!"

"Lady, go with the flow and keep your head on its place, that's the Queen's job to make us all lose it!" It started to laugh again, which only made me angrier.

"No need to freak out, dear visitors," said who I assumed was Henry, the properly named Hatter, "I will escort you to our not so ugly garden to the Tea Party and everything can be clarified and have be a less-nonsense and more a yes-sense."

"We'll be right after you, but first, Pan," I looked right at her, "how do you know these people?"

"Well, the book said something about three realms connected with each other." The book had been floating around her, but when she spoke, it froze in the air, moving no more. "One was the Land of Death, and the other the Land of Dreams, and the third was the Land of Blood, which is the living, human world."

Pandora started to walk with the three men, or, better, two men and the cat-thing. I only followed her because she kept talking, and looked at Gail and Wiese, gesturing with my hands so they would remain right behind me.

"I practiced by night every single time I could, I'm not sure why, but something told me we would be in need of an escape like this one at some point, and since the Land of Blood is the hardest to travel to from the Land of Death, the Land of Dream was the only option I could count with."

"What I don't understand is why do you call Dreamare the 'Land of Death.' We could easily be on it right now!" I exclaimed when we came out of the house and entered the garden. The dark green in the plants contrasted with the vivid, almost shining colors of the flowers, surrounding the table and chairs in the middle of it. Henry sat down first on one of its heads, followed by Aldwin on his left side and the cat-thing on the right.

"That's exactly what the Tenth wants us to think!" Said Pandora, sitting beside Aldwin. "The Land of Death is quiet at times, but it always feels uneasy, plagued with horror, while the Land of Dreams can be both dark and light, with its pros and cons, but is filled with life and color. When was the last time you saw so much color in Dreamare?"

"I guess that makes sense," I took the third seat after Pandora, the other head of the table, letting the kids sit between her and me, with only three unused chairs on my right separating me from the cat.

"So, I started practicing, and while I was sleeping, a part of me was able to travel to this realm and met Aldwin. I told him about us and he taught me about this place, so whenever we could need to, we could come safe and sound."

"You told a total stranger about us?" I opened my eyes after hearing that.

"Do not underestimate your friend, young lady." Said Henry, taking a sip right from the teapot after serving all of the cups. "Even being here partially, she was able to make simple spells and incantations to keep distances."

"Indeed," the cat started to float when he spoke, "it has been a long time since I saw someone as skillful as her. She could even make me disappear no matter if I wanted or not, ha!"

"It was Aldwin who told me about the spell I did in the cabin while you were sleeping," said Pandora, taking a little sip from her cup. "About that, we will heal as soon as we come back to the Land of Blood, we can start fighting for real when we return to Dreamare."

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